Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Wednesday Reading Wrap Up

For the Cruisin' with the Cozies reading challenge to date I have read the following books:

Tapestry of Lies by Carol Ann Martin, this is the second book in a series, the main character owns and operates a Weaving Studio.

Trimmed with Murder by Sally Goldenbaum, this is a Seaside Knitters Mystery series, I began reading this author a few years ago and I love her books almost as I love the beach, each page draws me into the coastal town of Sea Harbor, no matter the season the story takes place in I am transported there, this book had me in the midst of winter and I could feel the chilly nip in the air and each cup of tea I drank while reading filled me with warmth I only get when I read her books.

For the I Love Libraries reading challenge I read The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry by Rachel Joyce, this was a wonderful story from the first page to the last, I am an avid walker and hiker and all along Harold’s route I was silently cheering him on knowing first hand all the physical aches he was experiencing as well as the emotional toll a long walk can have on the soul. The mind does wander many times when a person has too much time to think and we tend to revisit events in our lives whether they are happy memories or things we would rather forget. As the story unfolds with each kilometer walked so does the events of Harold’s past life.

For the Color Coded reading challenge I chose the book Silenced Springs by Robert L. Knight because the cover was predominately blue, this book was a non-fiction read regarding the natural springs in Florida, since I hike many of the Springs here in Florida I wanted to learn more about the changes, conditions and what is on the horizon for these beautiful places.

The Color Coded reading challenge requires a specific color be in the title or on the cover of the book chosen, so the Trimmed with Murder qualifies as blue in the Color Coded and I Love Libraries Challenges, and the Silenced Springs also makes it to the I Love Libraries challenge.

Well those are the books I have read so far this month, what are you currently reading?


  1. love to read, and finding a new series ls like gold.
    I'm going to add this to my list to check out. I'm into a couple other series at the moment.
    Thanks Deb! Leeanna

  2. Hi Deb,
    First two books look right up my street!
    I am just about to read a mystery by Susanna Gregory - The Chelsea Strangler, which is the latest in a series (of 11) set in London in 1665, the main character being a spy; after which I will search out your recommendations.
    Thank you. Barbara x