Sunday, April 10, 2016

It's all slow today, stitching and recovery, and a ort report.

 I think there is finally a light at the end of this tunnel after seeing the doctor last Monday with a round of steroids to go along with the antibiotics the coughing has dropped off to a minor a-hem as if I were clearing the throat before a long winded speech.
The low blood pressure has me a little concerned so I am monitoring for a few weeks to see if it was just a result of the illness or the over the counter medication I was taking.

The vitamin D deficiency was a surprise which I am taking mega doses of Vitamin D3 and trying to get more sunshine, truth is I haven't spent as much time in my garden over the last year so I need to remedy that, my diet is healthy but as with everything else can be improved. Frankly, I am tired of being tired! this week I was out and about for a while, these short trips out of the house zapped all my energy and upon return I'd sleep for a few hours.

I did manage to get more stitching done on block six so I will be linking up over at Kathy's quilts today
and for Monday's linky party at

block six progress

There is always some thing wonderful going on over at these sites lots of beautiful stitching by some very creative bloggers, take a moment or two to check them out.

Oh here is my TUSAL report for the month of April, I missed the new moon by a few days but here are my orts all the same.
April orts
These orts come mostly from the Hamsa hand and a few mending projects I had to do, and a few black threads from the on going Hocuspocusville quilt. 
Hamsa Hand
Finally before I post this I did manage to visit a nursery this week where I picked up several herb plants for my garden.  I'll plant those in a window box or large pot today and start to soak in some of that much needed sunshine.


  1. I live in th Pacific Northwest and have trouble keeping that vitamin D number up. Hope you will continue to heal. Enjoy your garden time.

  2. Oh no! I really hope getting outside for some sunshine perks you up. Never fun when doing anything saps all the energy out of you. Have you been tested for Lyme disease? Enjoy your stitching and herbs (I got basil and parsley to plant today too!) and hope you recovery your energy quickly.

  3. Just take it easy and get better. Times like this we need to be patient and take care of ourselves.

  4. take sunbath for a few minutes per day, to help keep vitamin D. Take care and get well soon. Enjoy your stitching time.

  5. Oh wow! I sure hope feel much better soon.

    Your stitchery project is coming along nicely. So far, I've only picked up a mint plant which I need for my detox water everyday. I would love to get some plants in pots soon.