Friday, April 29, 2016

Spending some time in my garden.

Here we are closing in on the last days of the month and finally I am feeling better, its been a good week and I almost feel like my old self again, though still quite tired.  Last Saturday I had the energy to finally take a road trip to explore a few small towns here in central Florida and visit the downtown areas.

I came home with some local honey, found some antique shops I will visit again and stopped at a needlework shop and quilt shop in Trenton that I will return to very soon.

On Sunday it was off to the beach for a walk along the shoreline, the beach always restores my balance. Drove up to St. Augustine to browse a few antique shops, I wasn't looking for anything in particular and again I found a few shops worth visiting again.

Today my wonderful son began to cut down the overgrown shrubs in the front of my house which I have been wanting to get rid of or at least cut them down enough so they aren't such a bother. The
photo is of the site in progress, what I plan to do is place pots of leafy and flowering plants in front of the stumps.  What I believe happened is each time someone owned the house they planted shrubs and instead of pulling up the old shrubs they just planted the new shrub beside it which caused a real mess once they grow, one of the shrubs had 5 other types of shrubs including 2 types of holly entwined with the original shrub, so I decided they had to go.

Here are some of the plants I want to place in the area,  As I unloaded them from the car I just lined them up in front of the garage until I am ready to put them where I want them.  Everything will remain in pots
Plant line up
I was lucky to find 2 dark elephant ear plants which I love, the Jasmine was intoxicating the backseat of my car still holds the lingering scent.
The plant with the white flowers is a confederate Jasmine, I forget the name of the purple leafy plant but the leaves remind me of dragon scales, they also look artificial. The one with the purple flowers is a Mexican Petunia.
Those pink flowers are Calla Lily, another purple leaf plant, the dark elephant ear at the end, there is a hibiscus in the line up some where, tomorrow I need to check the labels and record the info in my garden journal.
The orange flower is another type of lily and the pink plant next to it is Mandevilla, and another dark elephant ear.  I still want to pick up a variety of roses but for now these will do, the spot gets a fair amount of sun in the afternoon, lots of shade in the morning. I have to read over the tag info so I know what will work in the front and what needs to go in another area.

There is much to do in the garden, most clean up and clearing away the weeds and debris, I'm taking things slow because all too often I overdo it and right now I just don't have the stamina for another set back with my health.


  1. So glad to hear you are feeling better!!!

    You have some lovely plants to work with and they will look great when planted and growing in their new home.

    Don't overdo it outside. Rest and drink plenty of water.

    Have a nice weekend ~ FlowerLady

  2. Gardening time is like quilting time, soothing to the soul. Your garden area is going to be lovely with all those plants in it.