Sunday, April 17, 2016

Stitching and Recovery, two good things.

It has truly been a couple of rough weeks here health wise and after last Monday's set back I thought this nuisance would be with me indefinitely; I'm happy to say that isn't the case by Wednesday evening I started feeling better and today I feel my body is getting stronger.

I don't know exactly what happened Monday but an hour after I swallowed my weekly 50,000 iu of Vitamin D3 my body just hurt everywhere, not a severe pain just enough to be very uncomfortable, and the deep nasty cough was back. I was so tired I slept on and off all day sadly not by choice.

I'm not sure if it was the weekly dose of Vitamin D3 along with the daily 10,000 iu but I stopped taking the daily until I'm though with the weekly dose of 50,000 iu. I dread taking this Mondays dose, if it happens again I'll have my answer. For 3 days I stopped the second dose of my atenolol because my blood pressure was quite low and I was so tired. By Wednesday evening the horrible cough was gone, the pain was just an annoying ache and I woke up Thursday morning feeling quite good!

I'm taking things slow right now to ease back into my normal everyday life I haven't needed a nap in two days which is good, I haven't done much exercise except a short circuit around my back yard each day and a few errands which does leave me breathless.

With the decreased energy I have been reading quite a bit my recent trip to the library had me checking out a variety of books to keep my brain stimulated not to mention will count toward my reading challenge numbers.
a mix of fiction and non-fiction

Then there is the hand stitching which I am making progress on whether slowly stitching on Sunday's and linking up over at Kathy's Quilts 
or daily stitching when its all I have energy for.

The hand embroidery on Yoga Tree Pose is done unless I do french knots instead of beads on those dots over the arms. This is a work in progress I may add more yoga poses to this piece or a few Om symbols at the corners or may be I will just trim off the excess fabric.

Block six for Hocuspocusville is coming along rather swiftly I was surprised by how much progress I made since last Sunday I stopped mid stitch to snap this photo.

I did forget to mention last week on one of my good days I stopped at a local nursery I have a few new herb plants for my garden and hope I feel up to transplanting them into larger pots this week. I haven't had the time to snap a photo yet, if I keep going forward on this road to recovering I should have a picture later this week.


  1. So glad you are starting to feel better. The Yoga pose looks pretty. I like the idea of French knots. Hocuspocusville is really coming along. Your embroidery is great.

  2. Glad you are feeling better and hoping Monday is a good one. Love all your pretty stitching, especially your Hocuspocusville.

  3. wish you lived next door... we could sit on the porch and sew and chat about books... LeeAnna

  4. So sorry to hear about your health troubles though glad to hear that you are feeling better and I hope that continues. Your embroidery is always lovely to see ! :)

  5. Finally getting around to visiting the Slow Sunday Stitching links...
    sounds like a daily dose of stitching is just what a Quilt Doctor like me would order! LOL