Monday, May 30, 2016

Stitching along this Memorial Day

I'm getting restless once again and need a change from the black threads of the Hocuspocusville quilt embroidery something with a bit more color so while I work along on the seventh block later today I am going to trace out the patterns for a few summer stitchery patterns, more about that later in my post. First here is the progress I made yesterday on the seventh block, not too much was done but its progress
block seven 
I will link up at Supermom No Cape for the Monday link up party.  If you are curious click the link and take a look what other bloggers are working on.

The arrival of Memorial Day for many signifies the start of summer even though we have a few weeks of spring remaining. Every where I look lately I see an abundance of color popping up not just in gardens, there is our clothing, fabrics and home decor.
Since I need a project or two to divert my eyes from all the black threads I have chosen these three patterns to put on the light box today.  All Crab-apple Hill Studio, I may be just a little obsessesed with the patterns.
My fingers have been aching terribly from the numbness and tingling so a change from needle to pen should give some relief.
I have all the required embroidery threads for each pattern, the fabrics too, so all I need to do is press the fabrics, trace the embroidery patterns and then decide which one I will begin first.  Having three projects ready will make taking short breaks from the black embroidery easier.  I plan to work on the rest of the area shown in the photo of block seven done later today.

I wish all of you a safe  Memorial Day


  1. I can see how black can become tiresome. Your Hocuspocusville is looking great, though! Have fun with the new projects and I hope your fingers find some relief.

  2. The Hocuspocusville block is looking great. Enjoy those colorful pieces.

  3. You are moving right along on your Hocuspocusville blocks.

    You have some nice projects to work on during your breaks from the black & white.

  4. What pretty projects you have in the future. Hocuspocusville is looking wonderful. I hope your tingling and numbness gets better soon. I know how frustrating that can be.