Wednesday, June 1, 2016

I'm taking part in a new challenge 13 Goddesses in 13 Weeks

It's a brand new month filled with endless possibility, summer is a few weeks away, my garden is in bloom and I am finally feeling myself again.

Since I was ill through March and most of April I put off doing a few new things I wanted to try, I didn't attend the groups I belong to or take new classes for fear of getting everyone sick. Now feeling my old self I can back to doing things for pleasure.

The first new thing I'm planning to do is take part in the 13 Goddesses in 13 Weeks Challenge I don't even have to leave the house for this new adventure. Here is the link to find out what its all about, perhaps you will decide this sounds like a challenge you might like to try as well.

For my first Goddess I decided to do the simple basic Goddess figure I love making, I use this shape or one similar quite often for dolls and bead pendants, painting, crochet and embroidery, which is the medium I chose for my first weeks challenge.

I love using Celtic motifs in many of my creations for this I used the Triquetra symbol to represent the 3 aspects of the triple Goddess rather than a Triskele or figures.

In keeping in the spirit of creativity and Celtic tradition my Goddess is like the Celtic Brigid as the triple goddess representing some aspects of my own life: Art, Healing, Creativity, rather than the more traditional stages of a womans life: Maiden, Mother, Crone.

Originally I was going to do Baba Yaga for the first week Goddess suggestion but she isn't ready yet. Wouldn't you know it I was planning to crayon tint my piece and the iron decided it was too old to heat. I need to check my garage for my other iron, so I decided to go ahead, move outside my comfort zone and not follow the list. 

For my Goddess I used a green varigated embroidery thread and solid yellow for the triquetra, I used 2 strands of thread. The fabric is all cotton white on white print.

I don't know whether I will be able to keep up with this challenge but I sure am going to give it a try. My biggest stumbling block is the darn numbing and tingling in my hands but as long as my hands hold out I am going to give it my all. I haven't decided if I am going to do all the Goddesses as embroidered works you will just have to check back each week to have a look.

Another new thing I want to try is painting with watercolors, for weeks now this has been on my mind so I think I need to give it a shot, perhaps then one of my Goddesses will be a painting.

And I think its time to pick up my knitting again too, its been over a year since I held my needles I think I forget how to cast on so tomorrow at the stitchery group I am going to ask for a little help. Some days crocheting isn't what I want from my yarn.


  1. Your Goddess is beautiful! I am a Celtic and Arthurian "aficionado" as well. :) Looking forward to seeing your next one! <3

  2. this is a great series. I am so intrigued and your goddess is simple and bold. I checked out the link too. Just might have to create a few images for myself, so I thank you for the inspiration! LeeAnna

    1. Thank you, I couldn't resist the challenge, and I do look forward to seeing the images you may create you are such an inspiration.