Sunday, September 17, 2017

Life little stitches and glitches

Things here are slowly returning to normal in my neighborhood after hurricane Irma blew through last weekend. Most of the debris has been bagged up and hauled off with just some smaller sticks and twigs to get while working in the garden. The gas stations locally have gas with normal wait lines so the lawn mower will get some use this week.

On a sad note my youngest sister is once again in the hospital waiting on a blood transfusion she was admitted again with uncontrollable bleeding and still have no idea what is going on with all the blood clots etc. I'm going to donate a pint of blood at my local bloodbank and have them ship it there to have on hand for her. That's one of the things I learned when I worked for the bloodbank, you can transfer a blood donation directly to the patient or even donate in her name which cuts the cost of the blood she gets.

On the stitching front I have taken slow stitching to new heights this week by not getting any stitching by hand done at all until yesterday evening when I was finally able to pull out the Aine kit 
the Aine kit
and put in a few stitches I snapped a photo mid stitch so I would remember to post it today for Slow Sunday Stitching which I will be linking up to today
a few stitches
Once I finish watering my plants this morning I intend to sit down and put in some serious stitching time.  Yesterday I wrote replies to several letters, finally put the new shelf unit in my laundry room and put up the blue drapes in my bedroom; all those items on my to do this weekend list are done.

A few day before the hurricane I did complete two more Witch bonnet girls for a total of 6, these are so cute I can't wait to put it all together but I think I will embellish each block first before I put them together.
2 more witch bonnet girls
On Thursday I ordered a new embroidery kit one of those Crabapple Hill studio patterns I love so much, it arrived yesterday.
The pattern
the floss and fabric
It is another of those cute Salem Quilt Guild patterns this one is Show and Tell, I decided to buy the kit which includes the floss and fabric so much easier to get it all together so I have everything set to go once I trace the pattern.  

Well that's about all the news for now, I hope if you were in the path of Irma life is getting back to normal for you.  Happy Slow Stitching to all of you.