Sunday, December 24, 2017

Slow Stitching on Christmas Eve.

It's so nice to have a few days to myself, all the packing and shipping is done, the stores are in vacation mode till the middle of next week and I have time for some much needed stitching.  It seems like weeks since I made any significant progress on my stitching projects but today I spent most of the afternoon preparing a few patterns for some projects,
The fingers crossed was on the lightbox first, this will be going to a friend once it's completed.
The Goddess with candles is a design I am making for someone that asked for a Goddess piece and she loves candles so I thought this would work nicely.
This last piece I had on the lightbox today is a Greenman, yes another one, this one I purchased a few days ago from this Etsy shop  she has some of the sweetest patterns.  For this particular project I only wanted the greenman's face that you see I traced, I left off the background though I am sure in the near future I will make this pattern as a whole.  I plan to crayon tint before I begin stitching.

Midway through the afternoon of tracing patterns, choosing floss colors I managed to get a start on the crossed fingers.
Then after diner I managed to get the rest of the stitching done, this photo is right after I removed it 
from the hoop. I still need to press it and put some backing on it then put it in a wooden hoop suitable for hanging. Right now looking at the photo I see I need to add two small knuckle lines on the 3rd finger.  I am linking up at Kathy's Quilts today for Christmas Eve Slow Sunday Stitching click on over and see what other bloggers are stitching today.

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  1. Deb: This is way too cool, I love the hand the best.