Sunday, December 31, 2017

The last Slow Sunday Stitching for 2017 and a little peek ahead

Once again we are find ourselves on the last day of the year and hopefully looking back you have all had more good times than not. I looked back on my January 1 entry for 2017 and I'm happy to say most of the goals I set for myself were met. The most important one however still eludes me and that is getting better control of my health so that once again becomes my main goal.

I will say I did rather well on the Be More Creative goal I am avidly pursuing my love for hand embroidery perhaps to the point of ignoring everything else so I do need to remember I have other interest that shouldn't be ignored. During the week I worked on a few little embroideries the hand I plan to work into a larger project in the coming year. I will be linking to Kathy's Quilts for Slow Sunday Stitching.
The little Goddess with the candles I made for a friend, I just need to press and finish it with a hem.
Goddess for St. Brigid's Day
I'm once again going to be more creative in 2018, to start the year off I have the first block for the Crazy Quilt Journal Project ready to embellish. 
January block
My blocks won't look like the usual crazy quilt blocks you know those very lovely recognizable blocks that I see all over Pinterest, Facebook etc.  I'll be using this book as my guide and perhaps a few of the block layouts too. I'm also going to be using fabric from my stash of scraps. 

There is still time to join the CQJP 2018 the deadline to sign up is December 31st here:
This year I plan to read at least seven new to me authors rather than my usual 5 this year and to read more, I don't know what happened this year I have plenty of books to read and I started off doing quite well then after my vacation I seem to have not only forgotten I have books I forgot to open those books to read them because hand embroidery was all I wanted to do in my spare time. I bought the book The Rules of Magic by Alice Hoffman, I waited months for the book to be released, pre ordered it and when it came I had planned to start reading right after Halloween, when that nasty flu hit me and I could barely keep my eyes open for days, I didn't get any embroidery done during that time either. So the first book I will read in 2018 is The Rules of Magic.
first read in 2018
And to be sure I do more reading this year I will join the 2018 Library Love Challenge.
Also I have joined the Try Something New Challenge to be sure I keep my goal of trying at least 7 new to me authors in 2018 here is the link for this challenge:

Another goal for this year fell short so I'll try once again to take monthly hikes in the some of the Florida State Parks. I did so well in 2016 I don't know what happened this year. I will take part tomorrow morning in the First Day hike at Silver Springs State Park, these hikes are nationwide so if you are up early and near a state park check one out.
A few other state parks I plan to visit this year are:
Crystal River Archaeological State Park
Crystal River Preserve State Park
Big Talbot Island State Park
Honeymoon Island State Park
Falling Waters State Park

There will be other parks to visit but these were on my list last year and I didn't make it. Big Talbot Island and Honeymoon Island both have beaches. I love hiking and really need to do more of it this year here is one of my favorite quotes:
I took a walk in the woods and came out taller than the trees.” -Thoreau
For most of these hikes I will be going solo, but for the Crystal River parks my sister and little grand niece Tessa may come along.

I would like to take a few crafting classes this year, not quite sure what at this time. I also want to try my hand at Gold work embroidery, try a larger Sashiko project, and let loose with my artistic side and really immerse myself with those things that interest me that I never seem to have time for. 

This year will be about making the time and taking the time, I have so many ideas in my head that need to get out, not to mention all those sketches and notes in my journals. I did make a little beaded scissors fob and needle nanny this week too.
scissors fob and needle nanny
Here's a photo of my orts for 2017, not as many as I thought but I use my thread until I can't pull the needle through most of the time. There is even a few strands of yarn in there from a crochet project and some plain sewing thread from hemming my pants. 
January to December 2017 Orts
This is the fullest my orts jar has ever been I am really pleased at how much stitching I did in 2017. 
orts jar 2017
I thank all of you for your comments throughout the year and wish all of you a safe and Happy New Year!


  1. Hi Deb,
    I like this post. Love all your needlework. I've joined your reading challenges you talked about. I'm also going to do ORTS meme, at least try anyway. Thanks for sharing all the links. Have a great New year! I've posted about your blog at my place.....

  2. Hi Deb: Happy New Year to you and your Family.


  3. It looks like you've got a lovely, creative, crafty year planned for 2018! I look forward to reading all of your upcoming posts :)