Sunday, April 22, 2018

A Visit to the Butterfly Rain Forest

Some photos of my trip to the Butterfly Rain Forest at the Museum of Natural History in Gainesville yesterday with my sister and Tessa.

And a few bugs and crawly things that always seem to grab my attention, Tessa likes looking at bugs close up. When I first moved to Florida I was amazed at the size some of the insect were, years ago I snapped a photo of a grasshopper measured of 4 inches long, then there was a beetle with a horn like a Rhinoceros, there are several in the display case in the photo.
And a few more butterflies
and waiting to become...
and yes it's real
and on the move inside the science lab
It was a beautiful day with just a light drizzle falling later in the day, we made it through the first round in the rain forest without rain, spent some time in the museum and made another round with the butterflies before a visit to the gift shop.
Bought a few trinkets and a t-shirt for Tessa and some plants to attract butterflies for my sister's garden.


  1. Deb: I love this post I love bugs and walking sticks are my favorite.
    I try to find as many different beetles as possible.


  2. I've been to quite a few butterfly farms and houses. This is the most wide variety of butterflies in one. Thanks for sharing.