Tuesday, April 17, 2018

April's New Moon Orts

It's a new moon and time for the April TUSAL  ort report. Below are my orts for April so far,  lots of great color mostly from the two projects I am currently working on.  
I'm so glad I keep my orts in my little thread catcher (barely visible in the photo) because I needed a short piece of green to finish off part of a leaf on the greenman and I didn't want to cut a full length and split the thread when I knew I would be moving to my other project.

The blue fabric the orts are sitting on will soon be used for another spirit doll, in the meantime I need to pull out the satin floss to start the moon that is barely visible in the photo but is in the left corner of the tree.
So that concludes my Ort reporting for April, if you are curious about what a TUSAL is head on over to check it out.

The new Gail Pan book arrived in today's mail I pre-ordered a few months ago and can't wait to start the projects in this book.
I love the the simplicity of Gail Pan's designs and would love to just trace each pattern in the book page by page so they are ready for stitching but I have a few projects waiting in the wings and I need to complete the 2 pictured here first.


  1. Very many ORTs and a very entish looking man. So nice.

  2. Glad your orts came to the rescue - and you have a good pile of them this time! Such great designs you've been working on.