Sunday, April 29, 2018

Slow Sunday Stitching and Garden Works to send off April.

This is the last Sunday in April I thought I would share my newest hand embroidery piece Entering the Forest Clearing on Beltane Eve.  A fitting piece for the end of April.

Just when I thought the stitching was complete until I noticed there was no ground to stand upon. Using one of those pens that remove stitching lines when pressed with a warm iron I must have 'erased' the ground when I was pressing out lines to make a few changes. So literally I am back to the drawing board. Some day I will learn not to make changes midway through my designs.

The weather here has been lovely dry and cool pleasant enough to get out in the garden and clean things up a bit.  After the winter freezes we had I wasn't sure any of my plants would survive but lucky for me Mother Nature had different plans for some of my plants.
My Canna Lily bloomed last weekend so this week I cleaned away all the dead debris and she will get a larger pot this week.  
There is a new shoot coming up, so glad I kept this one.  I  first spotted this plant at the Silver Springs park a few years ago so I did a little research and sure enough it blooms through late summer dies off and returns in the Spring. Even though it's a perennial I had my doubts after the hard freezes we had and the cover came off twice.
The Mexican Petunias are looking quite healthy now that I cut off all the dead stalks these will be transplanted into the large pot this week.  The Caladiums and the black Elephant Ears are burst out as well.
I pulled out the dead leaves yesterday I'll plant these in a large pot or possibly the ground, here is a stray from a spent leaf I tossed last summer peeking out from behind a few empty pots.
These elephant ear are all from spent leaves I just tossed in a half filled pot, last year while away the planter feel over leaving me a bunch of dead plants upon my return.
Then it wouldn't be Spring without a few new plants to perk things up in the front of my house.
There is Lantana, Pentas, Lavender, and Rosemary, another Lavender and Lantana plant, all will be planted into larger pots this week.  I had every intention of transplanting them yesterday but when I opened the garage the large bag of soil waiting was garden soil and not potting soil and I learned a few years ago there is a big difference when planting in pots.
Butterflies love Pentas and Lantana so I have those just for that purpose, The lavender is for me because I love it one is a culinary type.  This Rosemary was so lush and healthy I just couldn't pass it up.
So this week while the weather is pleasant I will be working in my garden, I don't plant to do much this year while I'm house hunting because truly I don't want to have to pack up a bunch of plants because the last time I moved I lost the majority of them.

Today though with  my allergies in high gear I have plans to sit and get in some slow stitching and hopefully finish the Greenman embroidery and perhaps start new project or two.
There isn't much more stitching to go on him and I'm looking forward to completing him, but first I need to add some ground to my Beltane Forest piece.  I will be linking today at Kathy's Quilts click the link and find out what other bloggers are Slow Stitching today. 


  1. I’m very happy that spring is finally here and the flowers are starting to bloom. Looks like a nice collection that you have there! The green man is a great choice for stitching this time of year.

  2. Beautiful stitchery. Beautiful plants!

  3. Hi Deb: Greenman is one of my favorite designs, beautiful plants.
    I have never seen Entering the Forest before, I am looking forward to seeing the finished design.


  4. Certainly you are not the only one to change a design mid-stream. It does tend to make for extra work. Lavender is one of my favorite plants.

  5. Your pots are looking good - and hopefully will travel well when you find a new house. Both your stitching pieces are very cool.

  6. Such beauty in your post! Isn't it so exciting when spring comes and nature surprises us with new life?