Sunday, August 19, 2018

Slow Sunday Stitching today

My new water bottle tells it all after a lightning strike on Wednesday took out the internet modem, DVD player, and the HDMI capabilities on the TV. You could hear the strike, then a crackle and loud snap and those surge protectors were toast but did the job they were made for well mostly. ugh sucks to live in the lightning capital of the world. On the up side went to the Xfinity store to get a replacement modem and was in and out in 10 minutes, So business can continue as usual.  The rest of the week kind of went downhill after that.  

In between labeling about 800 items to send into Amazon to restock the store, running the usual errands and dropping my son's car off for repairs and than dropping mine off the next day for a new tire which I found out was the reason for the crazy vibration lucky my usual mechanic was available and he also fixed the controls on the door at no charge so the buttons are no longer sinking into the arm rest and I can use the buttons to adjust my mirrors and open the windows which I won't be doing for awhile it too darn hot a
terribly humid.  I am ordering another tire for the front so both can wear down at the same time, since it is showing quite a bit of wear it will only be a matter of weeks before it goes bad, so much for the warranty to 70,000 miles.  

I finally had time to get a little bit of crocheting done on my sisters Granny Afghan on Friday evening, 

I put off  doing any hand embroidery for a few days because after handling all those adhesive labels and bagging everything my fingertips are quite sore (I have a sensitivity to adhesives).  I'll work on the Greenwoman piece today for the Slow Stitching.

I also have a new project I started to crochet it's another afghan using the Lion Brand Mandala yarn in the Wishing Well colorway which looks kind of beachy to me.
Oh on Friday Urban Threads was having a sale which is running through August 24th and I bought a five new hand embroidery patterns all the patterns I bought were 50% off so each one cost me fifty cents.
This is one of the patterns, here's the link:
The piece above isn't mine it's a photo I borrowed from the email I received alerting me to the sale, you can bet I will have it traced out soon.  This one is called Moon Phases Quilting Square, I also bought one similar called Around the Sun quilting square.  I love celestial pieces and I have just the fabric I want to try out and I think it will look great.  

The Herbiary by Maia Toll arrived a few days ago, it feeds my weakness for unusual books and my love of  herbs and gardens mostly I just love the colorful illustrations.
36 botanical cards 
The book includes 36 cards neatly tucked into an envelope in the back of the book and don't you just love the end pages.
Cards tucked away
Luscious end-papers
Here is a look at some of my favorite pages so far.  I have a few friends that would just love this book so
I think I need to order a few and get a jump start on the holiday shopping this year.  Well that's about all I have for this post. I'm linking up to Kathy's Quilts for Slow Sunday Stitching click on over and have a look

I will leave you with this made me smile.


  1. Love the Halloween eagle thought. Kids are great, aren't they? Sorry about the lightning strike troubles. I just glad it wasn't worse.

  2. The Halloween Eagle made me laugh!

    Your projects are all so lovely. I especially love the colours of your blanket. The blues are so calming

  3. Hi Deb: Love the new name for the crow.
    You have some lovely projects going.
    Those cards are amazing.
    We use serge protectors it is a savings not having to buy new computer and other electronics, I do not know many people who use protectors.