Sunday, September 23, 2018

Autumn Arrives, Slow Stitching and a Stitch Along

Autumn has arrived last night at 9:54 p.m.  I for one am quite happy to see the summer end this year and hopefully it's taken all the germs that had infected all summer.
Here in Florida our autumn decorations may be just a little bit different but you can be sure we will have a pumpkin or two on display.
I have made more progress on my Greenwoman embroidery piece though you may not be able to tell she is nearly completely stitched.
This has been a challenge for me while I was ill as much as I wanted to work on her I had to pick out stitches I wasn't happy with which led me to put her aside most days and pull out a book or crochet.
I am linking my post to Kathy's Quilts today for Slow Sunday Stitching click on the link to see what other bloggers are slow stitching today.

The afghan I am making for my sister using a basic granny square is working up nicely and should be done in a week or so.
I snapped the photo of it folded in half because I was too lazy to open it fully on my bed, the afghan as it is now is on a queen size bed and reaches from the foot of the bed to just where the pillows start. So far 4 cakes of Mandala yarn in Spirit have been used.

The beachy throw I'm making using the shell stitch is progressing as well though not as fast as I would like,  I added a second cake of  Mandala yarn in the Wishing Well color way, this shell stitch uses much more yarn then the granny square.

I have a few new projects I'd like to get started on this week one of them involves using felt in lovely autumn colors along with DMC floss.
I came across some cute little patterns I bought a few years ago and plan to use them for a project as well.
I also have a few designs of my own I'm working on and a few free patterns from several websites one includes a stitch along for a lovely Fall leaf  I printed the pattern out and have traced it onto my fabric and now I'm trying to decide whether or not I want to use the colors listed in the stitch along or change up the colors to my own.  The leaf is quite stunning and a photo and info on the free stitch along can be found here.

I just realized we have one week left for the month of September so I better step up my stitching if I want to have my autumn pieces done this year.  For now though it's time for a cup of tea and I will leave you with a little sunshine.


  1. Nice autumn decorations, and the afghan you are working on is beautiful. I also like the pattern of your new embroidery. :-)

  2. Lots of pretty things; love the pumpkin palm scene. Your stitchery lady has pretty eyes!

  3. Lots of pretty stitching projects to be seen here. Your Green Woman is fabulous. Lovely afghan too. Your cute pumpkin did make me smile.

  4. Deb: I love the top pumpkin wow what a great center piece, very unique.
    I love all your projects, I am looking forward to seeing the felt project you are working on.
    The afghan is beautiful.
    I like seeing the color on your green woman.



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