Sunday, September 2, 2018

September a Slow Stitching Sunday, Some Crochet and a Few Things to Read

September is National Sewing Month how are you celebrating?  I am working on the early planning for a new project for the next San Francisco School of Needlework and Design's Stitch at Home Challenge which has the Theme of Make Do & Mend for more information please click the link

Sadly enough my entry for the last challenge didn't make it to San Francisco, it was returned to me the package damage and the frame broken, lucky for me the embroidered piece was undamaged so much for paying for priority shipping, I can tell you that package was not handled with care.  It's unfortunate that our postal service seems to get worse with every passing year.

My Greenwoman #2 piece is progressing slowly but than that's what slow stitching is all about isn't it.
I will be linking up to Kathy's Quilt blog today for Slow Sunday Stitching so click the link and have a look.
Also Kathy has a new photo challenge of where we like to do our stitching when the weather is good.  For me my favorite place for slow stitching in good weather is always at the beach.
hoop and sun rise

my chair and essentials
My last trip began at sunrise with a nice long walk along the water's edge picking up shells and stones and just enjoying the sounds of the beach, gulls and sea birds calling, the ebb and flow of the water and the breeze blowing through my hair before sitting down to stitch a little beach motif.

Issue number 99 of Inspirations magazine finally arrived, it was due in July but somehow was lost in the mail, after contact via email the issue arrived a few weeks later.
There are some lovely projects in this issue I would like to give one or two a try, like the little bag on the cover.  My subscription runs out with the next issue (I won't be renewing) which should be arriving soon, it would be nice not to have to request a replacement copy out of the 3 issues I received so far only one was mailed to me on time, I find this quite frustrating and to be honest while the projects are lovely most are not something I would make myself and since it's an Australian publication the shops and events listings are pretty much useless to me.  But it is a lovely magazine if you love embroidery.  I'm going to use the free pumpkin pattern from Supermom No Cape and get a start on autumn stitching.  Click the link and have a look at what other bloggers are stitching.
The Shell stitch afghan I am crocheting is coming along there is 14 inches in length so far using just one cake of the Mandala yarn.
When I first saw this wishing well colorway I thought it looked beachy and decided to make this up in the shell stitch. I am planning to combine it with the colorway on the left.
There are some similar colors so I'll give it a try and if I don't like it I can unravel and just keep using the wishing well that I started with.
I started reading Samhain Secrets yesterday, I had pre-ordered it from Amazon and it came 2 weeks earlier than expected, its the 4th book in the series and I pre-ordered the next book due for release March 2019, I will link my post here
for the September Yarn Along, click the link to see what other bloggers are reading and making with yarn.
Well before I sign off to get some stitching done I will leave you with a few more photo beach photos
hag stone and sunrise
sand dollar and sunrise
Have a Safe and Happy Labor Day Weekend


  1. Appreciate the reminder about National Sewing Month. There is lots of detail to Greenwoman #2. It is something that can't be rushed. Walking along the water's edge is one of my favorite things to do. Stitching by the water is a treat.

  2. Aaaaah, your afghan is gorgeous ... sweet stitch you're using! Like your beachy stitchery, too!! What a glorious sunrise! :)

  3. Oh my, what a great post! I love your beach pictures, though I doubt I ever get to stitch at the beach. I don't know where you live, but how wonderful to be there at sunrise and get those marvelous shots! I liked the pumpkin on supermomnocape, too, and I'm trying to think how best to use it. Finally, your afghan is lovely colors. I've been feeling the urge to crochet lately, and someone gave me a bag of yarn last week, so I think I may soon get going on some great something like this!

  4. I love your Green Woman #2 and that beach stitchery is just so sweet! The beach is my happy place too.

    And I'm definitely going to be ordering that mystery. I love mysteries and am always looking for good new to me authors.

    Thanks so much for linking up to September's Stitchery Link Party. Aloha hugs!