Sunday, November 18, 2018

It's just been one of those weeks...

It's been one of those weeks where nothing much gets done beside the usual housecleaning, shopping and running of errands. 

My fingers were achy this week so I didn't pick up my embroidery after flubbing a few stitches and pulling them out, twice.  Needless to say I didn't bother trying to crochet either until Friday evening.

The weather has been flip flopping this week starting about Thursday the nights grew cooler with Saturday morning a beautiful 39 degrees in the early morning hours. The crisp, cool air and the leaves blowing off the trees made it feel like a true Autumn day.  We had some rain mid week which was a welcome change from the sunny days. We get cool days in spurts,, today our high is expected to be 79 and right now it's 68, it's one of the reasons I have stayed here in Florida, as much as I miss the change in season and the snow. As  I grow older  I don't miss shoveling the snow and as always when I feel the need to see the snow or the leaves change I drive north.

Crafting with autumn colors is one of my ways to bring Fall to Florida at least inside, there is always lots of ways to make a little autumn in Florida.
Sea shells go with everything including fake leaves, whether silk or paper or a few rare changed leaves; which can also enhance a favorite poem.

And then there is the old stitched pieces pulled out for the few weeks of Autumn, and table linens and dish towels too. Before you know it you have touches of autumn in every room.
I was speaking with my sister on Friday planning a meet up with her and my little great niece, she is off from school all this week when I realized I totally forgot this week is our Thanksgiving holiday, it seems so early this year, but no there it is on my calendar November 22nd.  I seem to have lost a week somewhere along the way.


  1. Love your little hearts.

    Wow, you had a low of 39 degrees. You must be in northern FL. Down here in s.e. FL we've been as low as 63 with real feel of 59. That was great.

    Have a lovely Thanksgiving week ~ FlowerLady

    1. I'm in Ocala, North Central FL, I wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  2. Hi Deb: Yes Thanksgiving is a little early this year its funny how the calendar works fro year to year.
    Loving your fall decorations.

    Happy Thanksgiving