Sunday, November 25, 2018

Last Slow Sunday Stitching for November

Well Thanksgiving came and went in a blink of the eye, and now onto the Christmas rush.  Having an online retail business at this time of year is both exciting and exhausting, not to mention quite messy at times with boxes of inventory coming in and and going out.

Last week there were 24 boxes stacked in my living room, kitchen and hallway, it took two days to label everything and send it to Amazon.
That's some of the boxes waiting to be opened, unpacked, labeled and repacked to send off to Amazon. It may be time consuming but it allows us to have more inventory by not having it all in the house.

My Spirit Bear embroidery is slow going which is fine with me because after days of labeling merchandise it's great to sit down and get in some slow stitching.
I'm currently working on the feathers. I will link up to Kathy's Quilts for some slow stitching here is the link
On the days when my fingers are a bit sore from holding the needle I work on the granny afghan for my brother in law and I started a little crochet project yesterday that is coming along quickly
Round after round of stitches to begin with
Than a few stitches and a join a few more stitches and another join and more stitches until I get back to the starting point and then I join it all.
Next I work the pattern out and once again I go around and around and around this time with a shell stitch pattern..
then adding a larger shell to give the piece a bit of a flare.  I have a few more rounds to go before I end off.

I hope of you who celebrated had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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