Sunday, April 21, 2019

Happy Easter and Slow Sunday Stitching

Happy Easter to everyone I hope you have a wonderful day however you spend your day.  Today the weather is supposed to be sunny and warm which will be a pleasant welcome after the past few days of thunderous rain storms and tornado watches and warnings.

I plan to get a bit of stitching done today while soaking in the sun at the beach.  I have another drum piece I began last evening which I'll be taking along with me.
Progress on the greenman piece is slow going but is progressing so I'm okay with the snails pace it's taking.  When I prepare a pattern to print via my printer I usually lighten and thin the lines of the design which makes seeing the stitches easier, some how the lines didn't lighten as much as I thought so these 63 year old eyes struggle a bit seeing the stitch with some floss shades which every now and then I have to snip out where I have gone astray. I think too the texture of the stitch and wash product makes those pesky black lines look a little like stitches.  Yeah okay that was a stretch its the aging eyesight, lighting and perhaps the alignment of the stars.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
Don't we all just love to suffer for our Art?!  This post will be linked up to Kathy's Quilts today for some slow Sunday Stitching. I love sipping coffee while I read the post of other bloggers Slow Stitching on Sunday, they always have to most beautiful and creative projects going on.

Speaking of projects I have a few I need to pull fabric for and one that needs to be put onto the fabric before it starts to curl on the edges.
I posted the photo above a few weeks ago and as is typical with me when I was ready to begin the stitching I changed my mind about the fabric choice.

Between daily chores and the online business, running errands and house hunting I didn't have time to dye eggs so once again I did the next best thing and purchased dyed eggs from my local Publix supermarket.
No fuss and no muss colorful eggs with the yolk as lemony yellow as I could hope for but rarely ever achieve. Life is Good.

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