Sunday, April 14, 2019

Slow Sunday Stitching and Gentle Reminders

It's been a crazy week with everyday chores and visits to doctors, a run to the library to pick up waiting items and house hunting.  The weather was up and down all week with rain, humidity and yesterday sunshine and 92 degrees a little too warm for Spring but this is Florida and some years spring last for a week.  

Spring also brings out the allergies which triggers sneezing, sniffles, itchy eyes and headaches that make me want to just close my eyes till winter.  The older I get since living in Florida each year I seem to have a new allergy trigger. 

Despite all the errand running and sneezing I managed to get some crocheting done, I put in a few rows on my shell stitch afghan which is coming along slowly.
I also put a few stitches in the greenman piece this week, last night before I stopped stitching for the night I embroidered the stitches beneath the eye and started the leaves beside the eye, he is also being slowly stitched, which is one of the reasons I love hand embroidery.
I will be linking my post to Kathy quilts today a wonderful site where bloggers from all over post about what they are slow stitching. Check it out you won't be disappointed, here's the link

Speaking of Slow Sunday Stitching today while reading one of this Sunday's blog post I came across a wonderful post that not only reminded me I am a member of Jenny of Elefantz's The Gentle Art of Domesticity book study group.
but I (glady) suffer from a condition many of us have multiple stitching personality disorder.

Not only that but I also remembered I had joined a SAL for the Grow with Grace project that you can read about here

I realized not only do I suffer multiple stitching disorder, I tend to forget I join SAL, CAL, QAL usually I remember half way through, or the last block was put together.  When there are stitchery pieces involved I tend to do all the hand stitching first.  On occasion I forget I have even signed up for a project.  I even join the Facebook group if available so that posting will show up in my timeline, but one has to check their page to see those, well never mind, I have to send alerts to my calendar or something because the calendar on the wall right here next to my head with all the events and such written there isn't reminder enough. LOL

By the way the book for the The Gentle Art of Domesticity book study group is The Gentle Art of Domesticity by Jane Brocket, believe me it is not an typical how to book. 

This week we are reading pages 96-100 and it's not too late to join, as I mentioned I had forgotten I was a member so I am in catch up mode you can find past weeks post at the link above.  One of the questions this week was in regard to patterns, not the needlework pattern you might think but more the patterns in life your routines, rituals and the like.  

I have several set routines but I am not a rigid as I was when I was raising my son, where a simple knock on the door in the morning would send my day off kilter.  Many of you that have been reading my blog for years know I start each day with a walk in nature, I love the peaceful quiet of early morning when the sun is just rising above the trees, birds are singing and squirrels are scampering about to and fro.  There is a pattern there among the trees, birdsong and rising sun often its where I get much of my creative inspiration, whether for needlework or writing something usually reveals itself to me.
Well my needles are loaded and waiting for me to get in some slow stitching this bright and sunny Sunday.  
When my fingers get to sore to hold the needle I have Sally Goldenbaums newest mystery to pass some time.
along with the newest issue of American Quilter the American Quilters Society publication.  
Have a wonderful day!


  1. Deb: Your crocheting is lovely the color is very pretty.
    Oh my Green Man is fantastic.
    I am a reader I love the mystery books which relate to any hand craft.
    The snow is finally melting and warmer weather hopefully is here.


  2. Every time I see someone stitching Green Mann I tell myself that I too should be stitching him! The book looks interesting...may give it a try.

  3. Well I just found a new book series to try. It sounds very interesting! Your crocheted afghan is very pretty and I really like seeing your embroidery progress. Happily, as I have aged, my allergies have mostly abated. It is my Hubby's turn to suffer. Then again, I had over twenty years of allergy shots every three weeks, so I guess I am due some relief.