Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Last of April

The last hours of April are moving slowly, which is nice for a change as time seems to move so quickly once you reach a certain age.

There have been some major changes in house hunting, we are no longer looking in the Orlando area, after much thought and conversation we have decided to look for a house in Ocala, the main reason is we can get much more house for our dollars here than we could get in Orlando and since we need more space for our business it just made more sense.  A few days after we decided we started to look at houses in the area, on Good Friday we made an offer on a house that was just listed the day before, if all things run smoothly we have our closing on the 31st of May.

The house is one block from the house we currently live in which will make moving stuff from one house to the other much easier than driving 90 minutes to Orlando. This week my days are filled with making to do list so I can organize a smooth move.  I have begun sorting stuff I will not be taking with me  especially the stuff I haven't used in the 8 years since I moved in here most of it is still in the garage and will be donated to local charity shops.

I have made some time for myself and just finished reading Sally Goldenbaum's newest mystery
And this week in the book study for The Gentle Art of Domesticity we finished up the Patterns section.
You can read more about it and even join in, you don't have to have the book to take part. I'm linking my post today here:
This week we touched on repetition in daily life, at one time in my life I loved repetition, probably due to my Type A personality but when I gave birth to my son I loved having a schedule and structure to my day, though having a type A personality that had its drawbacks when someone interrupted my schedule/day. 

I still have a bit of repetition in my life, I start each day with a walk in the park, sit at my PC and print shipping labels, pack items and head to the post office then the remainder of the day is mine.  I fit in household chores through the week and am flexible enough to change my day and not have a melt down.
This past weekend I spent some time working on a new hand embroidery piece for my drum and dance series. I like the repetition of slow stitching, passing the needle through the fabric, getting lost my thoughts and finding that peaceful calm place within.
the drum
I was feeling a bit under the weather over the weekend and yesterday I had a headache which made my eyes ache so much they felt like they were going to pop out of my head. Just touching my face around my eyes made my vision blur for a bit, I was having bouts of dizziness throughout the day so I mixed up a bit of comfort food, one of my favorite childhood dishes, mashed potatoes and eggs.  It's a very simple dish though I changed it for one serving, simply make one or two soft boiled eggs. I used

two and cooked them for 4 minutes so they weren't too runny, mashed them until they are mostly small bits of egg.
Then mix the eggs into a serving of mashed potatoes and serve.  I cheated this time and used packaged heat and serve mashed potatoes.
On my goodness the first spoonful takes me back to childhood,  my mother would make this up for us when we were sick, usually for me it was with a nasty sore throat, I guess it was a good way to get something nutritious in our stomachs, I loved it back then and I still enjoy it today.

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  1. oh that sounds interesting, I love food that invokes memories. My favourite lunch was welsh rarebit - just cheese sauce on toast, but the toast had a lovely layer of marmite on it! An acquired taste I am sure! Embroidery like that is so relaxing - I loved the sentence from Jenny's post "both therapeutic and blissfully zoning out."