Sunday, June 2, 2019

A little garden tour

This is the pond that almost was and part of a slate stone patio, when we first looked at the house I
was certain there was a plastic pond liner basin resting upon the two branches waiting to be installed
and it was there another time when we went back to take a closer look when it was raining, it was still there, I didn't think to snap a photo.
however the day of the closing when we did the walk through it was gone, my son doesn't recall seeing there but I was certain it was sort of kidney shaped.
So for now I am considering finishing the pond of filling it in, for now though it will have to wait till after I'm moved in, I do know I want to paint that big round rock perhaps with a big sun face.
The area where the pond is located is very shady spot with dappled sunlight, the beginnings of a serene garden area was in the making, this area below is to the back corner of the garden and has been cleared.
There is I think a pear tree in yard though I don't know how well it will do considering all the shade.
And either lime trees or very neglected grapefruit trees or both which should be an easy fix with proper fertilizer
Well those are a few photos of the garden on one side of the house, this week the real moving in begins when the furniture starts getting loaded onto the truck.  Today though I have a few little projects to do with the assist of my brother in law and then hope time to stitch.


  1. Hi Deb: If it was not in the contract that the pond pieces were to not stay then they should be there, I would ask your realtor about it.
    I love the fruit trees you have I am very jealous, I hope you share photos of the fruit you pick.


    1. I will post pictures of the fruits for sure. As far as the contract the liner should have been there but they didn't agree to protect it from being taken off by someone else. After a close look at the design of the waterfall and pond it just wouldn't work as it is even with the installation of the liner, it would have to be rebuilt so once the summer ends filling it in works for me, I'll plant more tropical plants in the space.