Sunday, June 2, 2019

Adventures in Moving

Yesterday the appliance were delivered after a 30 minute delay and just in time for the afternoon rain, silly me remember to measure all the spaces where the appliances were to be placed but I forgot to measure the opening to the front door, so the refrigerator doors had to be removed before bringing it in. 
The stove followed after and was easy move as were the dryer and the freezer, my current dryer is a gas dryer an old Kenmore possible original to the house so replacing it was necessary.  I went with a smooth top stove for one main reason the coil  get so warped and wobbly after a time which drives me crazy.
I spent most of the day Saturday at the new house cleaning even though the house was quite clean I always have to put my own cleaning touches in each room, whether is was wiping counter tops, and dusting out the cabinets, sweeping and mopping the kitchen floor or scouring the tub and toilets, I just feel they are cleaned to my standards. 
The first thing I did though was hang a clock and calendar, yes the calendar is crooked which is a strange quirk I have had since hanging my first calendar when I set up my first home straight out of high school.

Early evening had me picking up a few things at the store, outside trashcan, curtain rods, some bottled water, hurricane season began yesterday, I dropped then off at the house.

So funny story, I was back at the house checking to be sure the new fridge was getting cold (it is) and decided to take a real look at the back yard so I'm looking and I see a body of a cat or a dog and all I can think is oh gosh I got to call animal control to remove a dead animal and I haven't even moved in yet then I started walking on the other side of the pond that was area and tried to see if it was dog or cat and its a cat alive and well and looking quite indignant because I disturbed her sleep. Oh the adventures in moving!

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