Saturday, April 29, 2017

Still under the weather

I am still battling a miserable cold so not much has been getting done except lots of lying down and napping.  I hope to be up and around some time this week.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

April Days

Is it me or is the month of April moving rapidly? Some days I feel like I can't keep the days of the week straight, for me that's one of the draw backs of not working outside the home any longer. I know last week was the Easter holiday, which means traffic gets a little heavier, the supermarket gets busier and the beaches will be full of tourist here in Florida.  Spring has settled in for it's brief time before the heat of summer arrives here in Florida. In a few weeks many of the 'snow birds" will head back north for the summer and I'll say a farewell to several friends for a few months knowing most will return in the late autumn just when things cool off here and get quite cold in the northern part of the county.

This month has me planning a few new embroidery projects to keep me busy, I have  a few of my own designs and a few kits to fill in on days when I either need a break from a project or to fill in while I am preparing fabric and gathering floss for a project.

Last week while shopping at Joann's to pick up a few craft supplies for  my great niece Tessa, I came across a display of Zenbroidery kits and floss packs. 
Tree and Sewing Mandala
You may recall I posted this Peace Symbol Zenbroidery kit I purchase online a few weeks ago:
Peace Symbol
I just love it and I know it will be quite colorful, (a few other members in The Year in Stitches 2017 challenge are doing the same kit).  So when I found an entire section in the embroidery supplies aisle filled with Zenbroidery kits I had to buy a few, and those 40% and 50% coupons made them such a bargain. The kit includes pre-printed fabric and needle only.  I did purchase 2 floss embellishment packets which includes embroidery thread/floss, sequins, beads and beading thread, which I will pass on
Embellishment packets
to Tessa she's 4 and loves all those glittery bits and bobs for crafts, they will work nice with the stack of felt I gave her, she is such a sweet child you should have heard her excitement when she opened her package and saw the little pink scissors, squealing "My own scissors, aunt Debbie gave me my own scissors." I wish I had my camera out to record her excitement and her happy dance oddly enough the scissor handles was all she saw but my she was one happy child.

The most recent hand embroidery piece I am working on is a Venus of Willendorf, I think she is going to be a fine addition to my Goddess series. She is either going to be a prayer flag or banner I haven't decided quite yet.
I am stitching her on a neutral paisley print cotton fabric using mostly 2 strands of DMC floss.
paisley neutral
I love paisley prints and I thought this would be perfect for the piece, if she is to be a prayer flag I will fray the edges and if she is to be a banner I will back it with the a plain muslin or the same fabric. 

Monday, April 3, 2017

April is Off to a Good Stitching Start

April came in so quickly I think my head is still spinning with the same old question of where does the time go?

Today I have a short answer, for me it goes with each and every stitch I make when working on a hand embroidery project. I lose myself completely in my stitching, my breathing and heart beat get slower, my muscles relax, I achieve a meditative state.

I pulled out the Lunar Blossoms kit from Cozy Blue I bought a few months ago and finished the stitches on Saturday.
Stitched Moons
waiting for the first stitch
I love this little Moon phases piece I will finished it later this week as a hanging in a hoop.  I love the little sashiko look it has so I ordered the iron on transfer so I can make another using a different background.  You can also order just the pattern download. The kit came with the printed fabric, needle and embroidery floss. I ordered mine from the Etsy shop
I will be starting on this Zenbroidery kit as part of the 1 Year of Stitches 2017 and the A Year in Stitches challenges I am participating in this year.
waiting for stitching
the kit
Several members of the two groups are doing this pattern, the kit includes the printed fabric and a needle.
I will link my post today at
Happy Stitching and Happy Day to All of You!