Sunday, February 3, 2019

February Birthday's Sofa Shopping and Slow Sunday Stitching

February is usually a busy month for me with several birthdays my son on the 6th, great niece on the 13th and other events going on including drum circle and Renaissance Faire, to add to the hustle and bustle of the month yesterday I began the day with some crocheting, I am starting a new project a new afghan title Virus blanket, this is what the pattern looks like in different colorways none of which are mine
I love the browns above, I will be using fairly neutral colorway for mine, this purple yellow and blue is kind of pretty. I love the lacy look of the pattern and turns out lovely using those mandala yarns. I bought the pattern for on hand instructions rather than watch one of the you tube videos available which will come in handy if I get stuck.  These completed blankets are not mine and the maker's name wasn't available, However, the pattern is by Joanna Martinez and can be purchased at her Etsy shop or via Ravelry links at the end of my post.
Here is the start of my Virus blanket using Lion Brand Wool Ease in the Athena colorway and I hook.
The top photo was taken with my cell phone and the bottom photo was taken with my digital camera of the same ball of yarn and same starting crochet, the color of the actual yarn isn't that yellow.

More hustle yesterday afternoon I went shopping for a new sofa and came across some very lovely and comfortable leather power sofas like this blue one though I didn't like the pillows, this sofa does it all: reclines, head rest adjust, it has lumbar support and massage function as well as heats the seat.
This one also has all those functions and can be ordered in blue if I didn't like the gray.  I was very
very close to purchasing one of them when practical me showed up and debated those controls and the life of them, the thought of replacing a computerized sensor or plugging in my sofa which wouldn't be a problem now but I am house hunting and perhaps the space where the sofa would go didn't have an outlet.
 So as much as the adjustable headrest and massage function was nice I went with the practical sofa above, just about identical to my current chocolate brown one, but in a nice shade of sky blue which you can see in the swatch on the table slightly curled. (I almost bought it in red). My current love seat has swirls of blue in the paisley print so it will work for now but eventually I want to ditch the love seat  buy a chair or two but that will wait for now. (or at least this week). This year it's all about blue.

Slow stitching is continuing on the drum and dance piece which is almost completely stitched, I finished the stitching on the last figure.
I will be linking at Kathy's Quilts today here:

For the Virus Blanket pattern

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Last Slow Sunday for January

Can it really be the last Slow Stitching Sunday for January, this month has just been a mixed bag of everything.  I lost much time this week to my back deciding to strain itself and walking has been nearly impossible for a few days.  I have been in an almost prone position since Friday not getting much of anything done except some reading.

I did work on my dance and drum piece last Sunday and a little bit yesterday not much because sitting is quite uncomfortable after about 20 minutes. 
This is the 3rd and final figure for the piece, stitching is nearly complete and I hope to put in some stitching time today.  I am tossing around a few ideas for a new project to stitch and I know some time this year I will work another Green man piece, I did get my spirit bear project back so I need to continue work on that as well. I left it at a friends house a few weeks ago when we had a little stitch and bitch session.

I will link up to Kathy's Quilts

Postage rates increase today! I just wish that postal service would improve, my experience over the past few increases is the service just gets worse.  More lost packages, items that tour the country and some that have traveled internationally when really all they had to do was go two counties over.  It really is a disappointment especially when shipping daily is a big part of my business. Okay rant over.

It's going to be a rainy day so a good time to do some stitching and even a bit of crocheting.

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Slow Sunday Stitching on a Full Moon

I am looking forward to the first Full Moon for 2019 since I can remember I have always been drawn to the moon, the tides of the ocean and every now and then I like to toss back my head and give a howl.

Tonight is not one of those howling nights instead I plan to do some slow stitching. Last night I finished the tambourine player on my dance and drum piece.
 I have two of the drumming dancers stitched so the plan is tonight while the full moon rises in the
sky I will be embroidering the last drummer for this piece. The piece is worked on 100% cotton white on white floral print fabric using DMC 6 strand floss and metallic floss, Weeks in Oak for the Drum and tambourine. I was trying for the expression of joy on the faces and those pesky black lines will disappear after washing off the stitch and wash product. I am linking my post over at Kathy's Quilts here:

And at Super Mom no Cape

Sunday, January 6, 2019

First Slow Stitching Sunday for 2019

Stitching right along with the newest project in my hoop, after not doing too much hand embroidery through December my fingers are a bit tender so I am taking slow stitching to a whole new level this week.
This is where I am today, those pesky black lines won't be visible after I was off the stitch and wash product, but sometimes it can be quite distracting when I am stitching. 
At times I can't see where I made my stitch and other times it just looks a mess, like her feet and the ankle bracelet. 

In my first post for 2019 I mentioned a new stitch I had to edit my title to say a new stitch project, the only new stitch I have come up with is how to make a tangled mess in a new and clever way which then involves scissors, tweezers and lots of patience.  Here is a look at the first part of my Drum and Dance series.
Her flowing scarf I used DMC Coloris floss 4514 for the color change rather then a variegated floss. I will link up to Kathy's Quilts today here:

While writing this post I just now noticed I didn't stitch her hair or jewelry so once I finish the other ankle bracelet I'll move back up to the head.  I could blame it on these old eyes of mine or how easily I get distracted when really I just wanted to postpone using the metallic threads.

In between hand embroidery, I'm working on the crocheted afghan I'm making in the Shell stitch pattern. It's folded in half on my love seat.

I do hope everyone had a Happy New Year and have many new and old projects to work on in 2019.  Happy Stitching

Thursday, January 3, 2019