Sunday, February 11, 2024

A Quilt Show, and Stitching A Long on Sunday

Yesterday I attend the Busy Bees Quilters Quilt Show held at a local church a few blocks from my house.

They haven't done a quilt show since the outbreak or Covid I was thrilled to see the flyer on Facebook earlier in the week and so happy to learn the Bees were Back. I will share a few photos here.  I was feeling under the weather and had to leave early but I did manage to see all the quilts in the show.

My favorite quilt in the show is this Bra Quilt, each block has a different printed fabric and a necklace, the backing fabric was a perfect choice.

My spiral piece is coming along nicely, stitching it is so meditative I lose all track of time. 

The week 6 piece for the K3n.clothtales SAL prompt was Tricksy fabrics, those hard to hold onto and stitch fabrics we have all dealt with at one time or another.  
The Tricksy fabrics I used white lace, satin tan, wool white, the purple brocade which kept fraying the entire time I stitched it, a wool blend felt with lace stitched over it (yellow). yellow tulle which I folded over several times and stitched over a fussy cut. Organza is orange and a bit of orange satin ribbon. I let the fabrics speak to the placement of each piece. I enjoyed stitching this, in fact, with each passing week I find myself looking forward to the next week's piece.

This morning I hung up the Valentine's Day banner I made a few years ago and found it when I was looking for scraps for the week 6 piece.

I am also stitching the moth piece from the Cozy Blue stitch club, it's from a few months ago. I may
just stitch the moth and make it into a little brooch.   I'm adding my post to Kathy's Quilts here:  Why not pop over and see what other bloggers are slow stitching this Sunday.

I'll leave you with a few more lovely quilts from the Quilt Show

Sunday, February 4, 2024

February Arrives with Sun and Stitching.

 Happy February! 

Happy to say the month started with sunny skies and quite cool mornings here in Marion County Florida.

I have been hand embroidering and slow stitching a few pieces since the first of the month. In fact I have been doing quite a bid of stitching since the new year, I'm seeing this as my Stitching Year or my year of stitching.

First up I did the K3n.clothtales SAL piece for week 5 with a prompt or idea of hidden secrets using the EPP for a hexie piece.  I have to admit I wasn't too sure about this because I have never done EPP. It was easier than I ever thought. My little hidden secrets story is years and years ago I did a Grandmothers Flower Garden quilt using the template in the photo and cutting each piece out with scissors and adding the stitch line on each piece.  I ironed all the stitch lines so I could piece the quilt. I never thought I would do another. 

Each piece for Week 5 came from scraps of fabrics of quilts I have made over the 30 odd years.

I completed the stitching on the Airmid goddess piece, the pattern is from the Dancing Goddesses Etsy shop. name&listing_id=1479656818&from_page=listing
It's a small piece of pre-printed fabric about 5x7 inches the design is about 5 inches. I will figure out a finish for it soon.
Yesterday afternoon I started to stitch a very meditative piece gifted to me at Christmas, the design is on pre-printed fabric in a spiral sashiko style.
The fabric is very thin so I backed it with cotton batting.

I'm using a variegated sashiko thread that came with the printed fabric.  The lines are supposed to be washable I just hope the thread is colorfast.
I am thinking of using the spiral piece as part of a wall hanging I have brewing in my mind. I just love the look of the spirals.
Later today I will do the February block in the Kathy Schmitz's SAL Woven Wreaths. I'm adding my post over at Kathy's Quilts for Slow Sunday Stitching.

The 2 Crabapple Hill Studios patterns arrived early this week, I just love the cute little witches Meg Hawkey designs.  These are blocks 2 and 3 somehow I missed blocked .  

On another medium I am make a few paper crafted pockets, these are made using 12x12 sheets of scrapbooking paper.

February is National Embroidery Month

Sunday, January 21, 2024

Sunshine and Some Slow Stitching

 We have had 2 full days of sunshine here in north central Florida, though the temps began in the low 30's it sure is a nice change from the nearly 3 weeks of rain and gray skies.

After my brisk walk this morning I say down to do some slow stitching.  I finished the embroidery on the polar bear ornaments I just need to add the ribbon ties.

I love the overall look of them but will say stitching through 2 layers of wool felt left my fingers sore.

I pieced week 3 of the K3nclothtales block I just need to add the quilting, this was a fun piece to do since most of the quilts I make are hand pieced and hand quilted.
I chose a simple 4 patch using fabric scraps left over from a quilt I made about 10 years ago in a quilt class at a now closed quilt shop.

I am linking my post at Kathy's Quilts here:

Tomorrow the week 4 video will be released so I can get stitching on that.
Here is the link to the year long stitch along for K3n cloth tales

I started the second book for the Library Love 2024 challenge.  This week I am reading Black Candle Women by Diane Marie Brown.

I am also reading Where the Deer and the Antelope Play by Nick Offerman.

Sunday, January 14, 2024

Mid-January and Slow Sunday Stitching

 It's just about the middle of January and the weather here in Florida has been a mixed bag of rain storms, sunny days and windy days so fierce I could barely stay on my feet.  What happened to our dry season?

On the up side of all the rain as I have been enjoying the down time with warm cups of tea and some slow stitching which is always a good thing.

For 2024, I wanted to do something a little bit different with my hand embroidery so I signed on for a few stitch a longs. The K3nclothtales stitch along runs weekly for the entire year. It's the first time I am doing this type of stitching which to me is a more meditative kind of stitching, we are only 2 weeks into the SAL and I love it.

The first week was weaving fabric strips together on a base fabric and stitching them to the base. I used a basic running stitch horizontally and vertically and then added a stitched word mend which is my word of the year for 2024. I blogged about that yesterday.

Kathryn of K3n cloth tales mentioned Community and the weaving of cloth and stitch and how it brings us together as a community.

It took me a while to get the feel of stitching and having the raw edges tattering about which I love but never thought this type A personality could live with it without putting in a hemmed edge.  Here is the YouTube link for the video of what is needed for the SAL.

The week two piece is darkness and light, which seems appropriate for a winter piece as the daylight hours are shorter in the winter and darkness closes in before we know it. I love this piece, as simple as it is it brought me immense joy stitching it.  I made my circle a bit bigger than I had originally planned
so filling in all those seed stitches took a bit of time. I actually finished this late morning after my walk. I chose black and white at first than decided on the brown and light beige fabrics. I watch the video though before I start, I actually finished the first weeks piece on Saturday night  and added the Mend piece this morning. Tomorrow begins week 3, I can't wait to see what's next.  

Now that the second week piece is done I will continue stitching of the Goddess Airmid piece, which I was working on before Christmas. 
Yesterday I ordered 2 new patterns from Crabapple Hill Studio, Block 2 the Queen of Halloween and Block 3 Violet Soggybottom  for the Block of the Month Witch's Faire quilt.  ( Somehow I missed the 1st block which I am sure will be on the website eventually).

I have loved Crabapple Hill studio patterns since the first one I stitched back in 2014 in a hand embroidery class offered at a local quilt shop, it was a relatively simple pattern but at the time I had just rediscovered my love of hand embroidery and discovered an entire world of embroidery stitches that were new to me.  During the short time the class ran I was introduced to the works of Meg Hawkey of Crabapple Hill Studios, Gail Pan, Kathy Schmitz, Bird Brain designs and Blueberry Hill.  
Over the years I have discovered many designers, have amassed a large collection of patterns and started deigning my own pieces. This year I plan to pull out some of the patterns I have purchased over the years and start stitching them.  I am adding my post today over at Kathy's Quilts for Slow Sunday Stitching.