Sunday, November 27, 2016

Slow Sunday Stitching on National Pins and Needles Day

I finished block 11 of the Hocuspocusville quilt last night, this has to be the fastest finish of all the blocks I hand embroidered so far.
I will link today at
block 11 complete
Before I begin the last block for Hocuspocusville I am starting on a new project which gives me a break from all the black floss.
This is the first Calamoondala I will be working on, the photo shows the pattern printed on Stitch and Wash Away product ready to be centered on the fabric.
This is the second piece which is ready to be stitched, I love both templates and just not sure which one I like better for the project.

Information for the project can be found here:

Today is National Pins and Needles day

Here is a bit of Trivia:
National Pins and Needles day is a special day which remembers the 1937 play Pins and Needles, a Broadway play, which debuted 11/27/37, this blockbuster pro labor play debuted at the Labor theater
and was presented by the International Ladies Garment Workers Union. The play would go on to perform 1108 times.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Stitching away through November

The month of November is speeding right along and here we are starting the week of Thanksgiving, where does the time go?
My progress on block 11 of Hocuspocusville Quilt is coming along though I did take a much need break to let my fingers heal, the cool weather dries the skin which makes the skin split on my fingers.
block 11
I have been having one of those weeks where I feel restless in my creative endeavors so I thought I would change things up along with the change in weather, which has been quite cool this week.  So along with my hand embroidery projects I've pulled out a crochet project, in March 2015 I started this shawl and somewhere along my stitching I wasn't paying attention and worked several rows in the wrong direction so I unraveled the entire shawl and started over this week so far I am on track.
in progress shawl
The yarn is silk and very soft causing it to slip off the hook easily if I work the stitches too quickly so I am trying to work a slower manageable pace, so far so good.
While researching crochet patterns the other day  I stumbled onto Lion Brand yarns website and found the Shawl in a Ball yarns which I just loved on sight.  So I ordered 2 skeins of the Metallic blends which are not currently available in the area shops here.
Colorway is Om Opal
I just love the way the metallic threads run through the yarn, you may need to click the photo to see the colors of the metallic threads. I can't wait to get started on a project, it's a 61% cotton 34% acrylic and 5% other blend.  After it arrived I ordered a few other colorways.

Another project I have in mind to work on involves using some of these 10" squares from the Island Batiks Seashore colorway collection.
There are 21 colors in the package with a total of 42 squares,  for the project I have in mind the 10 inch squares are the perfect size so for once instead of purchasing fat quarters or yardage I bought the layer cake packet.
I will be linking up at Kathy's Quilts today for some Slow Sunday Stitching.
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Sunday, November 6, 2016

Clocks back and Stitching slowly on Sunday

Even after leaving a few post it notes around the house I still forgot to set the clocks back last night so this morning at 8:15 I set to work getting the correct time on all my clocks, note to self: get rid of some of those clocks.  The best thing about forgetting is now I can live that hour over again.

I started on block 11 for the Hocuspocusville quilt last night, not much progress when you look at it but it took a while to get the big tire on the bicycle done.
This block doesn't have that much to stitch so I think I will be done much quicker than some of the other blocks.  I'll be linking my post over at Kathy's Quilts for Slow Sunday Stitching click on the link to see what other bloggers are slow stitching today:
On Monday I will link up here at Super Mom No Cape.

My friend Yvonne sent me this cut little crocheted tea cup she made, my photo doesn't do it justice, the yarn is a lovely lavender trimmed with white and sits on a crocheted saucer.
I am going to stick a small plastic cup or cupcake liner inside to make it sturdy, I do that when I make the quilted tea cups, that way I can fill it will potpourri or small trinkets.

This week I  made my way over to the library to renew my library card and check out a few books.
I didn't make it to the local quilt show this weekend, It wasn't that I was sick or anything I can't really put my finger on it except to say I just wasn't in the mood to go and I didn't feel like driving over. I will just have to catch the 2018 show.