Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Feed Sacks and More photos from the Quilt Show

While I was at the quilt show last week I had the pleasure of meeting one of the vendors with a booth selling feed sacks.
The Pat's Sacks booth was filled with a vast array of feed sacks, feed cloth, old patterns printed by various companies and this beautiful quilt made by her mother.

The vendor said her mother swapped with over 600 collectors to add to her collection, the blocks made for the quilt are signed by some of those people she swapped with.
When I first discovered feed sacks back in the mid 1980's I was repairing an heirloom quilt for a friend, I had several pieces of fabric to match as closely as I could but some were too modern by a stroke of luck I was browsing in shops one crisp autumn weekend and came across several scraps of  fabric for a mere twenty five cents, the top print was so close to one of the pieces in the quilt I had to buy it.
Hours later I looked inside the bag the hand printed tag  written on it was feed sack scraps 1933 how serendipitous, the quilt was made in 1933.  Over the years I have come across several feed sacks, some deteriorated and other nearly pristine, mostly I find small scrap pieces, what stays with me is the durability of these bags, the cotton fabric soft with age, many of the colors still crisp as if they were printed yesterday.   When I stepped into Pat's Sacks I was amazed with the selection she had with her, full size bags, pieces of bags in all sizes, and scraps too.
The above photo shows a few of the items offered by this wonderful vendor, and keeper of  feed sack history.  I was tempted to buy the Smokey the Bear sack I resisted because I know it would just be stuck in a bin and it really should be used or displayed,  the sweet jacket and the dress are made of feed sack.
I didn't leave the vendor empty handed I picked up a few pieces that caught my eye mostly with a shade of purple.
The pieces reminds me so much of the Aunt Grace reproduction 1930's fabric 
Feed sack
This is a Aunt Grace Reproduction below

Aunt Grace Reproduction fabric
Along with some wonderful stories, and pieces of fabric I left with a small token for stopping by the booth a packet of cotton seeds which I may attempt to plant some day. And here is a lovely link for some feed sack history.

I did visit all of other vendors at the quilt show and made a few purchases here and there, this fun panel which will most likely be mug mats some time or a tote bag.
A whimsical Lorelei panel because I just love them
A pattern using embroidery which will be put on the to embroider pile I am slowly making
And before I close my post today I will leave you with a few more photos from the quilt show.

Time does march on when we are otherwise occupied, its been a lovely week where the weather is concerned cool crisp mornings, sunshine and warm afternoons and yesterday we had cloudy skies most of the day giving way to some rain.

The leaves of my sycamore tree are fast falling to the ground, brown and brittle and swirling in the air like fairies whenever the breeze picks up, the neighbor across the street has a sycamore tree and his leaves blow into my front yard daily, but by the end of the day they are gone, many are  gathered beneath a shrub or piled in a corner of the back yard slowly rotting away once again becoming part of the garden.

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