Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Under the weather

Blah...I didn't make it to the Crochet class today, as the morning went on the headache I had this morning just made me feel icky and by noon my stomach wasn't feeling too great so I decided to pass on the class this time, I just hope it will be offered again some time. I'm still not feeling too great but my headache is gone.

I want to be functioning at 100% by Friday for the quilt show, so staying home, sipping tea and taking it a little easy was probably a good choice.


  1. Sorry you weren't feeling well and had to miss the crochet class.

    Be well ~ FlowerLady

  2. : (

    Sorry you are under the weather. Feel better soon.

  3. Sorry your missed your class, and are not feeling well. Feel better, so you can get to the quilt show!!!