Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Time to renew my gym membership

The weather here has turned cold again with today only expected to reach 57 degrees and tonight the temps are expected to once again drop down to 27 brrrrr!  This is one of the coldest Novembers I can recall since I moved here 20 years ago.  I actually felt the cold yesterday that halfway through my walk at the track I left and for the rest of the day I couldn't get me feet to feel warm, I have ceramic tile floors throughout the house and when the days turn cold it feels like I am walking on ice, the cold days don't last too long so it was time to pull out the warm woolly socks.

I renewed my gym membership today and decided to mix things up a bit and schedule a few training sessions over the next few weeks. After leaving the track yesterday I plan start putting in more time with workouts at the gym rather then walking the track everyday, I usually use the gym when its too hot during the summer or raining but these past few cold snaps I found myself really feeling the cold and my body joints were stiff and moving around the track was more of an effort, not hard to do but my body felt sore with each step.

Also I want to add weight lifting back to my routine a few days a week, I prefer to do that in the gym because if I drop a weight on the floor at home I will have broken tiles, with the arthritis in my hands lately my grip is weakening  and the floor at the gym has carpeting.

I picked up a sweet little sewing card pattern at the quilt show for a little card or tea wallet.
I want to make several of these nifty little wallets they are great for carry id without having to lug a wallet or purse.
A few events I plan to attend in the early start of 2015
I love buttons and this show sound like it would be a great way to add some unique buttons to my small collection.
This quilt show is not too far from home and on the way home I can stop at one of my favorite bead shops.
Here is another little wallet, made with less curve thanks to a cutting accident truth to tell I like it without the curves. I need to add a button where those black stitches are.
and a sweet little needle book I found following a link a few years back when I was making pin
needlebook closed
cushions and thread catchers.
needlebook opened


  1. Neat pouches! I just made a tea wallet on my blog! Amazing. They seem to be becoming quite popular. I love small pouches and have quite a few...but dont need any more...but then why do I keep desiring to make more??? It's crazy!!! The button show sounds awesome!

    1. I love the fabric you chose for the tea wallet, I love little pouches and bags too. Lately I have been making small projects but really need to try some thing larger.