Friday, July 31, 2015

Say good bye July with a Blue Moon, patterns, books and bikes.

July ends just how she began with a big ole full moon hanging in the sky, though tonight's moon will be a blue moon.
We have been getting lots of rain, thunder storms and more rain over the last two weeks, with the humidity so think I swear you could part it with a shovel.  The days are just not pleasant at all, or may be I'm just cranky.  I am looking forward to the end of the summer, this year the heat, humidity and even the rain has gotten to me in ways I would never have imagine.

Anyway on to more interesting things then the weather and my cranky state of being.  I am trying to decide if I want to take an upcoming class on raw edge applique at our local quilt shop.  Here is a link if you are unsure of the method
I  have used this method of applique on a small scale and would like to try something a little larger.
In the meantime, on the needle crafting side of my day, work is slowly progressing with the hand embroidery of my Hocuspocusville quilt.  I have been under the weather for a brief period and then my hands and fingers were giving my troubles so I put aside any type of hand stitching for a while, I even put aside letter writing briefly so my hands could rest.

I did buy two more new patterns with a witch theme these are actually two blocks from a new block of the month series by McKenna Ryan
blocks are number 3 and 8
I don't plan to make the entire quilt I just wanted the two witch blocks.  I also bought two patterns for Autumn from Prairie Point Junction, I stumbled on the shops webstore last week and as luck would have it I hit on a 20% off sale.
acorns and oak leaf
I thought I would use the hand embroidery motifs on tea towels, napkins in addition to the pattern projects.

I am currently reading Happiness Key by Emilie Richards recommended by a dear friend of mine so I checked the library site and found a copy available in large print so it's easier on my eyes right now.
I usually read one or two books every summer with a seaside location and this is the first one.  I will also be reading the two non-ficiton books below.
And here is a preview of the bicycles I  have been looking at, I am considering buying one at the end of the summer, right now I am still in the viewing stage.
Shwinn 3

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  1. Hello Deb,
    The "blue" moon was beautiful here. So neat to see.
    Great patterns and love the images on them. Love the bikes. Hubby has been putting off buying a bike for a long while. I think it is time. A great what to get some cardio in and it fun too.
    Glad you like the photos of my cosmos. Thank goodness for digital cameras. I take a lot before I get the one I like. Happy August to you and enjoy your books too.