Sunday, July 26, 2015

Time for an Eye Exam

Tomorrow I have an appointment for an eye exam, lately I noticed things around me are out of focus and a few days ago  my vision was quite blurry and my eyes felt strange, too big in my head and filmy which I attributed to allergies.

Anyway I called and made the dreaded appointment, I say dreaded not because of the near poking of the eye or the dilating of the pupils, no my dread is finding frames I like. Which for the last decade seems nearly impossible.

I love large frames, not those miniscule little bits of lens and plastic that pass for glasses. Ugh!  I am a hold out for oversized frames, like my sunglasses.  This time I will shop around a bit until I find what I want.
If its just reading glasses I don't mind if they aren't too big,  but I think I may be at the point in life where reading glasses give way for all the time eye glasses.  I will know more tomorrow after the exam.

1 comment:

  1. I love love love my progressives! It changes your life! Have fun with your frame searching. I got bigger ones in a seaglass green this time. Fun!