Sunday, June 26, 2016

One of those Weeks and slow stitching

It's been one of those weeks and I'm glad its behind me, it started off well with mild temps and dry air, my flowers were all blooming, I was in and out of the mechanics shop with an oil change and new wiper blades, I renewed my gym membership for another year and the newest branch of my bank opened five minutes from my house, so far pretty good until this:
Yes that's my mailbox, mangled and laying in the dirt thanks to one of my neighbors from the group home next door who once again decided to attack this time the mailbox and again his caretaker stood by and watched the entire incident without doing a thing unless talking on her cell phone counts.

The house next door is a group home and this one man has attacked 3 times in the last 3 months, the last incident had him punching and banging on my car, the first incident had him trying to force his way into the house, when he couldn't get in the door he punched my son in the stomach.  Being compassionate people we didn't press charges for assault as the man is mentally retarded we had hoped he would have been given a better caregiver. The second incident he was issued a tresspass warrant and we were told nothing more could be done because of his diminished mental capacity, well incident number three with the mailbox was the last straw.  I was told this same person forced himself into the house next door and still no arrest.

I called the state of Florida social services department to make a formal complaint with my concerns which made the criteria for endangered or neglected adult so an investigator should be out to check up on the home to make sure all is in order and this week I will see an attorney to inquire what more can be done or should have been done. I want to know what about my rights? I do know one thing for sure I will protect myself from physical attack at all cost, stuff like the mailbox can be replaced.

So this week I had great need to do some slow stitching, for this Slow Sunday Stitching I have my hand embroidery on block 8 started and I could feel some of the tension slipping away as I stitched.
Why don't  you click on the link for Kathy's Quilts and see what other bloggers are stitching this Sunday, Kathy is celebrating the 4th year of Slow Sunday Stitching, when I came across her site through another blog I couldn't wait to link up what I was working on. I find myself wanting to stitch more so I have some little tidbit to share each week.


  1. You definitely needed some slow stitching to relax you. I am glad you are pursuing this with the state, but I would also purchase a gun for your own protection! I hope this is resolved soon.

  2. I sure something can be done to resolve the problems you are having with the person. Sounds like he isn't being cared for properly. Slow stitching will definitely help with the stress.

  3. I am glad the slow stitching is relaxing you. Despite your neighbor's diminished mental capacity, it appears he is not getting the services that he needs and the group home is not being a good neighbor. They usually go out of their way to be good neighbors here on Long Island. I hope you get some resolve to your complaint.

  4. Sounds like you've had a terrible time with this neighbour and no effort being put into a plan to prevent episodes in the future.
    You need some renewing stitching time today... enjoy!

  5. Relax and enjoy your Slow Stitching.

  6. Wow, what experiences you are having with your neighbors. I do hope things will be resolved for all soon. Not a way for any of you to live peacefully.

    Slow stitching is calming.

    Love and hugs to you and prayers for a calm week ~ FlowerLady

  7. Hoping this week is a much better one for you! Slow stitching does help!

  8. Very scary! I feel bad for the man because he isn't getting the care he needs but like you said, you have to protect yourself. Him being diminished means he know no boundaries.

    Love your stitchery!

  9. Yikes. What an awful situation. Clearly he's not getting the correct care, and definitely you need to protect yourself and your family from assault at the same time. Stitching to the rescue!