Saturday, June 18, 2016

The DMC Coloris Has Arrived

Months ago I was on the DMC Commonthread website  when I first read about the coming of the Coloris embroidery floss line, saw photos of all those glorious colors and knew I would eventually have them. I waited and waited to no avail none of the local shops hand them yet.  So I watched and waited and one day I found myself lucky enough to find them on Etsy, today they arrived, well worth the wait. 

DMC Coloris is a multi-coloured thread with 4 shades in each skein the colors within each skein change about every 1.9 inches or 5cm gradually changing to a new color every few inches

The color combinations are very different than what you would  typically find in hand-dyed threads or other non-hand-dyed variegated threads. They are bright and harmonious contrasts rather than tonal variations of one color
all 24 Coloris skeins

There are 24 flosses in the DMC Coloris line:

4500 Columbine Gardens 4501 Wildflowers 4502 Camellia
4503 Wisteria 4504 Hydrangea 4505 Heather
4506 Spring 4507 Bougainvillea 4508 Frosted Countryside
4509 Granite Coast 4510 Maple 4511 Indian Summer
4512 States 4513 London 4514 Venice
4515 Paris 4516 Black Forest 4517 Elves
4518 Cottage 4519 Jingle Bells 4520 Christmas Story
4521 Wide Open Spaces 4522 Canadian Night 4523 North Wind

close up
I felt like a kid on Christmas morning when I opened the package containing my new flosses I couldn’t help letting out a few oohs and ahhhs.  These thread combinations are just bursting with color and vibrancy now to find the perfect project to try them out.
I included the link above to the Commonthread site for the Coloris thread kit if you can't find the threads locally. 

I wonder if  DMC will come up with a line of Coloris Pearl cotton, hey it could happen.   I have the next Goddess getting to prep for crayon tinting, 
And the Hocuspocusville quilt block eight is being prepped for stitching I use a spray adhesive to bond the fabric backing to stabilize the stitches more about that tomorrow.

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  1. Those colors look lovely and I know they'll be fun to work with.

    Have a great week ~ FlowerLady