Thursday, January 19, 2017

Mid January Ramblings

The weather here has been especially nice the last week or so with some rain on the way this weekend.  My rhododendron has begun to show some promising buds and before I know it she will be full of delicate white blooms.
The lemon and lime trees have buds showing too and before you know it I'll have fresh fruits from the trees.
lime buds
lemon buds
 The poinsettia my son bought me for Christmas is still full and lush, this is one on the nicest poinsettias I've had usually by now most of the foliage has fallen of and I forgot to cover this plant when we had the freeze a few weeks ago.
This week I made it over to the local library to pick up a few books that were waiting for me, I just love requesting books ahead of time so I don't go browsing for items that have been checked out or are in another branch. Here's what I'm reading this week:
On Living-Kerry Egan
The Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga-Deepak Chopra
Eyes Like Leaves-Charles de Lint
I joined the 2017 Goodread's reading challenge here is a link to check it out:

I chose 25 books to read for the year, for me I'd like half to be new to me authors. This is the only reading I joined so far this year. I like Goodreads I have been a member for years my only problem is I tend to forget to log in the books I read, I keep a spread sheet for the books I read each year so when I hop onto Goodreads I update the books I've read from my list though sometimes I forget to log what I'm reading onto the spreadsheet too. I will be a fourth of the way into a book when the story seems familiar, I just may have to go back to recording the books into a little notebook ha! like I haven't missed recording books that way too.

The other day I brought my cell phone along on my morning walk this is the trail I walk most days.
What I love about the trail is all the winding paths along the trail and the exercise equipment stations along the way, here are a few of them.
The wooded area is one of my favorite spots to walk when the sun is high and you can get a little relief from the shade. This photo shows the start of the wooded area.
More equipment in the wooded area the shade makes working with these machines pleasant on a warm day.
I love the leaves across the path it reminds me we get autumn here in Florida and leaves do fall from the trees. Early in the morning the scent of wet leaves brings back fond memories of autumns gone by.
The leaves here are dry since it was later in the morning when I snapped the photos,  I'll leave you with blue skies and wishes for a great day.


  1. We really need some rain in south Florida. Some of my new landscaping - almost a year old - is looking rather dry and the plants are allegedly drought tolerant.

    Looks like you selected some interesting books. Good luck with your reading goals.

    I love that your walking path offers exercise equipment along the way. I've never seen that before.

    Enjoy your day and weekend!

  2. Oh, I had to remind myself of where you live after seeing those beautiful foliage pictures. In Northern Indiana I look out the window and see a gloomy rainy day that I am grateful is not a SNOWY day. It all looks so dirty and the unseasonably warm weather (55) make me want to go out and clean up the yard. But even with the warm temp, it is still cold and damp and I have the crud. Thanks for a reminder that Spring is on it's way up here too!
    xx, Carol

  3. Hi Deb: Wow what a great walking path and exercise equipment out doors, so sweet.
    I love to read, I have two books going now, one for the bedroom and one for the living room, I am a read-a-holic.