Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Autumns coming

We are a week away from the start of Autumn and the mornings here are finally stating to feel a few degrees cooler.

During the autumn equinox the sun shines directly on the equator and day and night around the globe are of almost equal length - a day and night of roughly 12 hours each. This year, the equinox begins at 10:29 p.m. Sept. 22, when the sun's position crosses the equator into the southern skies.

Autumn has been significant in many cultures throughout history and even today many festivals and events around the globe occur around the autumn equinox, for example the Moon Festival in China or Michaelmas in the UK.

I love the colors of autumn and since I live in Florida I often travel north to get a glimpse of the seasons change. At home I am not doing much with the garden however I will pick up a few potted mums for the front of the house to bring some color. 

Perhaps I'll do a little arrangement like the one in the above photo using some clay pots then as it gets closer to Halloween I can drop the potted mums into a few jack-o-lantern style planters and maybe even add a few small pumpkins.
 I may just do a single pot with a few small pumpkins which looks nice and not too fussy. I miss my garden so a few potted mums may be just what I need to perk up my mood in the meantime I have been busy with a few crafts my latest 
is the seasonal pillow above the pillow is about 14 inches square and has a small gift card attached for my guest at this years Autumn tea. The design is hand painted and the ribbon tie and twig wreath are removable.  Inspired by this little plate made a few years ago.


  1. You are a lot more energetic than I am. I just don't do decorTions any more, so do yours for me too.

  2. Hi Deb,
    Love your little pillow. The design is adorable. Great job. Not much gardening here. We have been having a heat wave for the past week. It has been hot before but this week, really hot. The petals on my roses are scorched. So I have been cutting them and bringing them in to enjoy.
    Have a great day!

    1. I think we had a heat wave at the end of August, I don't recall it ever being as hot in the 20 years I lived here, I hope things are cooling off for you.