Thursday, October 30, 2014

Just my thoughts

Today we have had light rain though out the morning and early afternoon with lots of dark clouds passing by. The weather here is expected to turn cold over the weekend with night time temps at 36 degrees, quite unusual for central Florida this early though for me its a welcome change. Any time the weather turns cold for this homesick northerner is always a good thing.

I have been spending some free time working on my embroidery piece I don't have a photo to post but its coming along nicely. I am learning a few things as I stitch the piece, mostly patience when I get a tangle or a knot, or when the stitch goes wonky and I have to carefully tug it out.

Hand stitching the embroidery brings me back to long forgotten memories of when I was a young girl and my grandmother taught me to thread a needle and sew by hand not long after those cute little sewing cards no longer was enough for me. I remember sewing dolls clothes for all my dolls and the tearing out of seams and starting again and again when the piece came out too tight.

Here is my short list of things I can't live without while embroidering:

Good Sharp Scissors.
Needles all sizes from short quilting needles to long doll and upholstery needles.
A small seam ripper.
Small sharp scissors I prefer cuticle scissors.
A black leather thimble.
Needle Threader.
Good Lighting.
And magnifying eyeglasses.

One item I need to add to the list is a comfy chair, which I plan to start shopping for this weekend, I was supposed to buy a new chair last year but never found any thing suitable. My current chair where I sit to read, knit, crochet or stitch is a swivel rocker, it had the requirements I wanted 4 years ago when I purchased it, high back, seat low enough for my feet to touch the floor and it was light in color. Unfortunately I have come to detest the rocking, and the swivel annoys me too.  Perhaps something like this chair in the photo I do love bright colors.


  1. Oh my gosh...this chair is beautiful. I know there are some lovely chairs similar to this in our Bloomingdale's store. Have you got one near you somewhere?

  2. oh i just looked at Bloomies online and do not find them anymore. I love this one you found. Can you get it in Florida?

  3. Gorgeous chair! It looks so comfy.

  4. What a beautiful chair!!!

    Happy Stitching and enjoy our cold front. I will.