Saturday, November 1, 2014

Early Plans for November

Wow! November 1st and the weather here has cooled off to 50 degrees so far today with the night temps falling to 36 as planned I took advantage of the break in weather and spent 3 hours trimming the shrubs and making a big dent in the weeds on the side of the house.  I didn't expect it to be so windy, which helped to keep me cool.  I wish I had my camera outside with me to snap the flight of swirling leaves dancing across my lawn another missed photo op.  I would have liked to spend more time working outside but after some difficulty bouncing back I have learned to spend a moderate amount of time in the garden, this keeps my blood pressure happy and my energy levels after the viral infection are still quite low.

My embroidery piece is coming along and my french knots are improving which makes me quite happy. On this embroidery some of the french knots are made with 3 wraps as shown on the letter Q.
I have one more line of words to embroider and then I tackle the snowflake and thimbles and I am
going to snip out some of the french knots on the fern by the word Merry and redo them, for me using a short needle and short thread is helpful. I still have no idea what I will do once the piece is finished though I'm sure I'll come up with something.  When I opened my mail box yesterday among a few letters was a package from my friend in Vermont, she sent me 4 yards of red and green cotton fabric
with a note enclosed that read: may these fabrics inspire you with an idea for a finish. How cool is that! Oh I just sent her 10 skeins of wool to inspire her to knit something because she just completed a learn to knit class, like me she learned decades ago but forgot. Speaking of yarn I plan to take two classes this month at the Yarn Lady shop, the first class on the 5th is for a crocheted Crocheted Kimono Kardi sweater.
The other class is a Tatting Class which I have wanted to learn for years and years and teaching myself just results in knots, one of my oldest friends said I tatted in the 1970's which is possible but I have no clue at this time how I did it, I still have tatting shuttles so perhaps I did know at one time. I would like to take at least one class a month at one of the area shops, whether its quilts, embroidery, knitting, crochet or learning to Tat, I enjoy being around other people that share my interest in needle arts.

Next weekend is the Country Quilters of Ocala biennial quilt show, as always I am looking forward to attending, I love looking at what other quilters are making, and always come away inspired. Plus there are the vendors to browse, raffles to enter and the guild shop to spend some time and money at.
Well that's a peek at my early plans for November which are always subject to change, the mail carrier brought me a few new catalogs and a few more letters so let me brew some tea and go read a little before I start my stitchery.

Don't forget Day light savings time ends this weekend remember to turn those clocks back an hour.

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  1. Your embroidery piece is coming along well. I am always so happy when my french knots are perfect, too!!! The new fabrics from your friend are lovely! I love getting catalogs at winter season! I hope I remember the clocks!