Sunday, July 12, 2015

Hocuspocusville: Tracing the blocks for hand embroidery

Well the planets have aligned and after a few minor set backs I have finally started tracing the hand embroidery blocks for Hocuspocusville.
block 1 potting shed
When I first began traicng the patterns a few weeks ago the tone on tone fabric was a bit too rough I guess, while tracing the first pattern it wore down the tip of  my micron pen , so I decided to change fabric.
block 3 bubble and brew

I am using plain unbleached muslin, as you can see the tracing went much easier and in the long run my needles and fingers will probably be grateful as I imagine stitching on the other fabric would have been a bit difficult. 

Yesterday I traced 5 of the 12 blocks which take about 40 minutes each to trace depending on the detail, not to mention lighting and my ability to see what I am tracing even with the lightbox.
block 4 morgana's apothecary
If all goes as planned I should begin stitching this week.


  1. OMG! What a neat, awesome, huge, big, fabulous project!!! I'm in awe of you! Can't wait to see!!!!!

  2. wow, that is going to be an amazing quilt. Enjoy!