Sunday, November 8, 2015

Slowly Stitching the Holly King this Sunny Sunday

After two days walking around Pirate Gatherings and Medieval faires I can sure use a Slow Stitching Sunday and that is exactly what I plan to do today.

The Holly King will be the main focus of my stitching today as he is just a few hours away from being completely stitched.
I am looking forward to finishing this piece and beginning the next project for my greenman series in addition to the other projects I have planned. I am linking up here once again for Slow Stitching Sunday

With all the patterns I have been gathering over the last year I will be doing hand embroidery for the next decade or so I just hope my fingers hold up.

Yesterday I posted a feew photos of my visit to The Lady of the Lakes Medieval Faire today I'm going to post my one and only purchase, well besides the lemonade I bought.
Thistle Cloak Pin

This handcrafted Thistle cloak pin caught my eye as soon as I saw it and trust me when I say I snatched it right up, it was the only one of its kind on display.
Thistle close up
I'm sure it's the Scot in my bloodline that is partly responsible for my fondness of thistle motifs and I love when I can get the last of an item as the vendor pointed out.

Speaking of only one, on my Friday visit to the Pirate Gathering I purchased this little mermaid
again it was the only one available though the vendor did tell me she has another she's going to make into a pendant of some type.
back view
I love how the paint is worn away giving her a  weathered look, I haven't decided what I will do with her yet but I'm sure I will come up with something.

Well the Holly King is back in the hoop, my needles are threaded, waiting for my to begin stitching, I am off to slowly stitch my Sunday morning away.


  1. I have Scottish blood too! Love your new pin! Have fun stitching on the Holly Man!

  2. You found such lovely treasures...thanks for showing them.
    Enjoy your stitching and thanks for linking up to Slow Sunday Stitching.

  3. What a beautiful pin, and stitching ! Enjoy your finish that's coming up soon :)

  4. I recently discovered that I have Scottish ancestors also. They came to the New World in 1774. That cloak pin is beautiful. I love the work you have completed on the Holly King.

  5. This piece is such fun!! What a great design -- and you're nearly finished!! Yay! :)