Sunday, November 27, 2016

Slow Sunday Stitching on National Pins and Needles Day

I finished block 11 of the Hocuspocusville quilt last night, this has to be the fastest finish of all the blocks I hand embroidered so far.
I will link today at
block 11 complete
Before I begin the last block for Hocuspocusville I am starting on a new project which gives me a break from all the black floss.
This is the first Calamoondala I will be working on, the photo shows the pattern printed on Stitch and Wash Away product ready to be centered on the fabric.
This is the second piece which is ready to be stitched, I love both templates and just not sure which one I like better for the project.

Information for the project can be found here:

Today is National Pins and Needles day

Here is a bit of Trivia:
National Pins and Needles day is a special day which remembers the 1937 play Pins and Needles, a Broadway play, which debuted 11/27/37, this blockbuster pro labor play debuted at the Labor theater
and was presented by the International Ladies Garment Workers Union. The play would go on to perform 1108 times.


  1. I didn't know what a Calamoondala was so I went off to google it. Then I kept reading and found your link...I always jump the gun, lol. So thank you for the link that I will visit as soon as I finish this comment. I really like the second template. I look forward to seeing it stitched.

  2. Happy pins and needles day to you too! Thanks for sharing the origins of the celebration! Where would we be without our pins and needles?

  3. Thank you for sharing that info...very interesting history. I like your newest project

  4. Hocuspocusville looks great. I am looking forward to seeing how you stitch the calamoondala.

  5. Hi Deb: Great progress on Hocupocus.
    Thank-you for the bit of history.


  6. Interesting new project...the stitching looks very intricate. Love Hocuspocusville.