Sunday, August 12, 2018

Slow Sunday Stitching, August TUSAL, a New Granny Square, and a Few new Reads

This week has flown by with a few projects underway and a few in the design or planning stage life is good.

I finally got my car back from the repair shop with a nice little surprise which had me slightly irritated but what can you do.  The mechanic nicely pointed out the drivers side door was hit by a piece of equipment which left a nice little dent in the door so I need to get an estimate for the shop owner will be paying for the repair.
The following morning on my way to the post office I notice the window control panel was sunken in the buttons still work which is great because the long buttons control my door locks and the round on adjust my mirror.
I don't think it happened at the shop because the bottom buttons looked a bit recessed a few weeks ago, I believe the Florida heat melted the glue that holds it in place. one of the reasons automated window come off the track is the glue disintergrates in the heat or at least its the most common explanation we are given.  So that will need repair next which will be some time this week or the next but not at the same garage.

On the up side of things we finally got a good soaking rain yesterday afternoon, and the hand embroidery for this Green Woman project has been started, it's not my design it's from a decal I purchased a while ago and enlarged.
So once again I am working with mostly green floss. Yesterday was the New Moon for August which means it's time once again to post a photo of my Orts for the August TUSAL which is the Titally Useless Stitch Along.
You can see all those green threads with a few snippets of pink and purple yarns from the Granny Square afghan I crocheted for Tessa my 5 year old great niece. It measures 60 inches square.

 I started another Granny Square for my sister which was slow going over the weekend because my hands we aching so I put it aside for a while.
This one is being done in the Mandala yarn Spirit colorway, I may have mentioned this yarn has quickly become a slight obsession I just love the colorways and the way the flow when worked.
In my last post I mentioned having to abandon my shopping cart the other day after being overcome by an odor that left me quite breathless.  Well I went back on Friday morning to see if those cakes of yarn were still in stock and to my surprise they were.
The six on the left is the Magic Moon colorway with lots of luscious purples in the mix, the 6 on the right are actually 2 different colorways 3 Echo Caves and 3 Wishing Well, I am going to combine them for an afghan. The Wishing Well looks very beachy,  the Echo Caves has 3 of the same or nearly the same colors which should work up very nicely.  I want to try my hand at knitting with one of these yarns.

I am linking up my post to these wonderful blogs today:

On my reading table I have a two new to me publications I am reading, the first feeds the earthy side of me and the second one feeds my love of plants and natural dying.
 These are just what I need to lose myself in when my fingers and hands are too sore to pick up a needle or a hook. I included a link below each photo if you want to check out the sites.

And finally a recent jewelry making project is my stone cairn pendant with a small piece of green beach glass dangle from the bottom.


  1. That looks lovely yarn you have chosen. And fabulous necklace!

  2. I had no idea there were issues with glue used in cars and heat. That door dent IS irritating. Not only that it happened, but there you are left with no car again while it's repaired. I really like your little necklace. Did you drill holes in the stones? I guess you had to , to be able to hang the dangle. Very earthy.
    xx, Carol