Sunday, August 14, 2022

Slow Sunday Stitching, Rag Rugs and Moon Crystals Hand Embroidery

 Wow this month is moving so fast. it's hard to believe we are in the middle of the month, where does the time go?

 Yesterday I attended a Rag Rug Making class at the Ft. King National Historical Landmark park. The park offers several homesteading classes so I signed up. My hands at first forgot how to make a braid so my first attempt is pretty wonky but will make a good hot pad for under a pot. The second photo shows the two fabrics I used for my rug.

The Red one is much more compact.  The photos shows the beginning of the more compact piece using the one color of fabric. The no sew method was quite interesting and new to me, I have made braided rugs where every few inches you would stitch the braided coils together.

I am looking forward to the Broom Making class in October, I signed up for it last year but was ill so I couldn't attend. The instructor mentioned a new class coming in the next year, candle making, which I will sign up for, I haven't made candles in a few years, I think it will be fun.  Next month there is a cross stitch class I  may take.

My progress on the Moon Crystals pieces is coming along quite nicely, I'm enjoying using the variety of stitches. The crescent moon starts off with the back stitch and is finished with the whipped back stitch.

back stitch moon
I don't think I have ever used the whipped back stitch other then practicing in when I was taking the hand embroidery class in 2014.  
whipped back stitch

The crystals are done in the chain stitch, I love the look of the chain stitch with the variegated floss.

chain stitch

crystals in chain stitch
I am really enjoying the stitch along, I was a little bit behind once I stitch the moth I will be all caught up. The YouTube videos for this stitch along are a big help, Anne of Lolli and Grace does a wonderful easy to follow tutorial.

Last week I was on some strong antibiotics, that just about kicked my butt, I was so weak and tired I put aside the hand embroidery until I was feeling better.  I will be linking up my post today at Kathy's Quilts

While I was recovering I did a little crocheting on my Granny Square afghan, I had to unravel it twice but now I have it right.
I'm using Lion Brand Mandala yarn in the Troll colorway to start and I will be combining it with the Gnome colorway. 


  1. The classes do sound fun. I've been doing some papercraft with a friend recently.
    Love the crystal piece, the variegated thread is perfect for that. I also use the whipped backstitch for stems of flowers in my cross stitch and other places where I want to hide the effect of the short stitches.

  2. Hi Deb, those historic projects sound like a lot of fun. I really like your moon stitching project.

  3. Candles, brooms and rug making, it all sounds very interesting, and fun too, I'm sure. Hope you are feeling better now.