Sunday, February 11, 2024

A Quilt Show, and Stitching A Long on Sunday

Yesterday I attend the Busy Bees Quilters Quilt Show held at a local church a few blocks from my house.

They haven't done a quilt show since the outbreak or Covid I was thrilled to see the flyer on Facebook earlier in the week and so happy to learn the Bees were Back. I will share a few photos here.  I was feeling under the weather and had to leave early but I did manage to see all the quilts in the show.

My favorite quilt in the show is this Bra Quilt, each block has a different printed fabric and a necklace, the backing fabric was a perfect choice.

My spiral piece is coming along nicely, stitching it is so meditative I lose all track of time. 

The week 6 piece for the K3n.clothtales SAL prompt was Tricksy fabrics, those hard to hold onto and stitch fabrics we have all dealt with at one time or another.  
The Tricksy fabrics I used white lace, satin tan, wool white, the purple brocade which kept fraying the entire time I stitched it, a wool blend felt with lace stitched over it (yellow). yellow tulle which I folded over several times and stitched over a fussy cut. Organza is orange and a bit of orange satin ribbon. I let the fabrics speak to the placement of each piece. I enjoyed stitching this, in fact, with each passing week I find myself looking forward to the next week's piece.

This morning I hung up the Valentine's Day banner I made a few years ago and found it when I was looking for scraps for the week 6 piece.

I am also stitching the moth piece from the Cozy Blue stitch club, it's from a few months ago. I may
just stitch the moth and make it into a little brooch.   I'm adding my post to Kathy's Quilts here:  Why not pop over and see what other bloggers are slow stitching this Sunday.

I'll leave you with a few more lovely quilts from the Quilt Show


  1. Oooooo love those very regular spirals. How do you do it??
    I finished my beading project, and it looks like diamonds and rubies! Just inexpensive beads but... genius tutorial. Of course I didn't use the same colors or sizes as the teacher, so like a quilter to turn things their way, right? LeeAnna

  2. It's always a very good idea to visit a quilt show. There's always so much inspiration to be had by looking at others' quilts. The bra quilt is fun and yes, the backing fabric is fabulous. Your spirals are looking lovely; such superb stitching. Your SAL is looking wonderful with each new week.

  3. Its always so nice to visit a quilt show, and see everyone's creations.

  4. So many beautiful quilts at the quilt show - glad you were able to go even though you were under the weather! I have never seen anything like the bra quilt! I am visiting you from Slow Sunday Stitching - I am slow but I get there in the end!