Monday, February 29, 2016

Another finish for the end of February

I guess having this extra day in February has been lucky for me I have another finish for this month, well the hand embroidery is done now I have to trim away the excess Stitch and Wash away product, its my first time using it so I don't know what to expect.
Triquetra Moons
I used a varigated embroidery floss in shades of purple from my vintage floss stash, JP Coats brand with the price of 5 cents, it stitched well with nary a tangle which was nice. Stitching through the product wasn't a problem though I did notice I had to push the needle a bit harder near the end of the piece.  

I do like the fact the lines didn't come out wobbly which seems to be the case when I trace a pattern so I will use the Stitch and Wash product again especially when I have a more intricate patten to work or I'm too lazy to trace.

I'm linking this post over at Super Mom No Cape where you can find a sweet vintage hand embroidery pattern, and many other talented bloggers posting what they are working on.


  1. Congratulations and another February finish!!!

  2. Congratulations on another finish! Pretty colour, and neat stitching!

    Barbara xx