Tuesday, February 9, 2016

My TUSAL Report, February Orts and Tatting

The New Moon was yesterday and I forgot to post a photo of my orts for TUSAL so without further delay here are my orts since the last full moon.
Orts February
Most of the black threads are from the Hocuspocusville embroidery blocks I am working on, there are a few purple and blue floss threads from other projects, and some khaki and black sewing threads. All those white threads are bits of threads fraying from the muslin fabric.

Here is my progress on block number five to date the first part of the house is nearly complete. Yeah!
block five progress
Well that concludes my TUSAL report for the month of February, not sure what a TUSAL is, jump on over to It's Daffy Cats blog and read all about it, I'm so glad I did, its one of those little motivators that helps keep me stitching each month

One of these days I still want to learn how to tat, my LYS used to offer a tatting class but it hasn't been on the calendar for quite some time so I entered a give away to for some supplies and hopeful with patience (and a YouTube video) I will teach myself to tat, the give away is hosted over at the Stitching Lotus blog here:

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  1. Hi Deb, your ORTs and progress are so nice! Happy stitching!