Sunday, February 14, 2016

Happy Valentine's Day and Some Slow Sunday Stitching

Crazy Heart waiting for embellishment
Once the calendar turns to Valentine's Day I begin to feel the approach of Spring, while many are still in the deep throes of winter little signs are revealing warmer days ahead, the days are lengthening, it's no longer pitch black at 5 p.m. when I take out the trash and I can leave about 15 minutes earlier for my morning walk.  Buds are sprouting in the shrubs and trees, and a few early flowers are in bloom. Yes Spring is in the air.

Today I am linking up with Kathy's Quilts for Slow Sunday Stitching, she posted about how nice and warm it is to be stitching a quilt beneath you and placing her chair in a nice warm sunbeam. Click the link and take a look at what Kathy and many other talented bloggers are stitching this week.

While it doesn't get to minus 23 here in Florida this week our temps dropped to 28 and 29 in the evenings for me perfect weather to have a large quilt project on my lap, and this week is no exception I added some hand quilting to another block of my log cabin quilt. The perfect project to work on once the sun has gone down and the deep chill sets in.
I have a few more logs to quilt on this block then on to the next, but today I will be working on some hand embroidery on block five, the Black Cauldron, this block is coming along quickly I would guess its all the straight lines on the building. My stitching will slow down today as I stitch the roof and signs which seem to take me hours to complete, but hey that's what slow Sunday stitching is for.
Black Cauldron block five
As you can see by the first photo in the post I have some crazy hearts to embellish so later today or tomorrow I need to poke around in my stash of beads, buttons and colorful flosses to see what I have then plan out what stitches to use and where to put them, or maybe I'll get crazy and work randomly.
What ever you do today I hope you have a wonderful time.

Happy Stitching and Happy Valentine's Day 


  1. Such a fun mix of stitching today... hearts and black cauldrons! LOL

  2. Your heart is really going to shine with embellishing! I like that black cauldron block too, will be interested to see what the signs say.

  3. Love the crazy heart. You have more fun projects for today.

  4. Look forward to seeing your crazy heart embellished.

    You're really busy with quilting and embroidery.

    Have a great week ~ FlowerLady

  5. Glad to hear spring is arriving soon somewhere! Frigid temps in Ontario Canada this weekend . Fun stitching projects going on at your house!!!

  6. What nice projects you have on the go. Enjoy!

  7. Enjoy all those great projects. I am looking forward to seeing your heart's embellishments.

  8. Mixed projects looking great. Thank you for commenting on my blog, you show as no-reply and I can´t contact you personally.