Monday, February 15, 2016

Stitching along and a vintage piece from the past.

This week I have made quite a bit of progress hand embroidering the Black Cauldron block I imgaine all the straight lines made things progress faster and while stitching the roof yesterday I could feel my stitching slow down some.
Black Cauldron
If you are like me and many other needleworkers you problaby have more than one or two projects going at the same time, perhaps during a giving day set aside for stitching you even switch projects every few hours to make some progress on each or like me sometimes you just need a change when working with one color thread.

For me this week its preparing to embellish some crazy quilt hearts so I am rummaging around in my beads, buttons, ribbons, lace and trims stash for just the right pieces. I don't really have a set plan for embellishing the hearts I'm just going to see what I have and start hand stiching it on.
pink crazy heart
While going through one of my stash bins yesterday I found an earlier piece of hand embroidery,
small pillow cover
a true vintage piece hand embroidered by me years ago before I put floss and needles aside for other pursuits only to rediscover how much I love embroidery decades later.
close up
I'm linking this post over at Super Mom No Cape, a wonderful site where you can find not only vintage hand embroidery patterns but other talented bloggers posting what they are stitching too. click the link and enjoy and maybe you will want to join in too.


  1. So you have been a talented embroiderer for many years. That pillowcase is very pretty.

  2. What a lovely pillowcase! I love your Black Cauldron block. And, as crazy quilting is one of my favorite passions and I love hearts, I cannot wait to see your next updated on that project!

  3. Beautiful work! I love your pink crazy heart.... and the pillowcase... so pretty! Christine x

  4. Love the heart, looking forward to seeing the stitching and beads! The vintage lady is very pretty. I see some progress on the Cross stitch.

  5. Just love those vintage ladies. It must have been a thrill to rediscover your earlier stitching after it had been tucked away for so long.

  6. The black cauldron stitching looks very interesting and the pink heart pretty now before embellishment. I embroidered a pillow case for my granddaughter with one of those vintage lady designs.

  7. Those vintage Ladies are so pretty. I have just got into crazy quilting. I haven't made anything yet, but reading about it.