Monday, March 16, 2015

Master Gardener's Spring Festival

Oldhami Bamboo
Yesterday I purchased 3 new bamboo babies for my backyard from the Master Gardener's Spring Plant Sale. I was thrilled to find the bamboo at one of the booths since in past years I am either too late or no vendor was selling it.

And to think this year I wasn't going to attend since I don't have plans to do much in the garden except a major clean up.

The rhododendron is still blooming even after the surprising dip down into the 20's last month
My greenman planter with caladiums blooming again oh I didn't even notice the Anole sitting there when I was snapping the photo.
I think this is either a broccoli or cauliflower plant coming back up, it's a big surprise to me I didn't think those plants did that, I guess it resowed itself. Or its just an exotic weed, I need to pull the weeds in this area so I will keep my eye on it.

In the above photo the broccoli is on the left I think those leaves look about the same, don't you?
Another lovely bunch of clovers growing among the weeds I've used them in mini terrarium ornaments in the past.
Here is a photo of my beautiful bamboo I started from a 3 inch piece, I planted her in the ground in July of 2011 and she has grown by leaps and bounds, I am hopeful my 3 new plants will do as well.
This past weekend was all about having a good time, relaxing and not thinking about anything too serious.  On Saturday I went to Tampa for the Celtic wekend of the Renaissance Faire, it runs on the weekends from mid February to the last week of March with a different theme each weekend.


  1. Your Bamboo has certainly done well.

  2. I like bamboo, but would be concerned about planting it. I have this idea that it can be invasive.