Thursday, March 5, 2015

This is what I'm stitching this week

Another partially sunny day here in Florida with temps in the low 80's, its hard to believe last week we were down in the 30's.  There is a nice breeze kicking up outside my window and the sound of my wind chimes tinkling on the air fills me with a sense of calm.

Today is Thread Therapy at Yards n Yarn but I have opted to miss it today in an attempt to get the quilt blocks finished for class tomorrow. Thread Therapy is going to be offered on Saturdays too beginning on the 7th which will work out much better for me. On my crochet hook right now is the blue Bamboo Silk blend in a deep rich blue, I am playing around with the yarn and J hook to see what I come up with, a simple triangle using the granny square stitch and space technique.
A few more blocks for tomorrow's quilt class, the last log cabin block and six flying geese that need to be trimmed and sewn together.
You may notice I re-made the flying geese blocks from what I made last week, I just wasn't thrilled with the look and the size was off too.
I miss piecing my blocks by hand, once this class is over I have plans to start a new hand pieced quilt. I wanted to take the beginning quilt class in order to learn how to better use the rotary cutter and those grid rulers and I have but something is lacking I just can't put my finger on it.

I did find a sweet new butterfly pattern for Spring using hand embroidery, the pattern is by Black Cat Creations.
Progress on Greenman #2 is coming along nicely all the main outter outline stitches are done and now I can start working the indiviual leaves. I am not thrilled with the crayon tinting on part of the face so hopefully adding the stitching will improve the overall look, or this will be tossed in the test pile.

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