Sunday, July 31, 2016

A Little Stitching and a bit of this and that

 Here we are saying goodbye to the month of July, wow this month sure went by in a flash, I am keeping my fingers crossed that I'll stay healthy in August I'm sick of being sick, so far the last 10 days of July were pretty good with me regaining more of my energy. Friday was a beach day for me so I slathered on the sunscreen, packed up the cooler with a few bottles of water, grabbed the beach chair and off I went to soak in the sun, walk along the waters edge and just rejuvenated my soul.

I made very little progress on my hand embroidery stitching this week but a little bit of stitching is better than none. I will link up my post to Kathy's Quilts for Slow Sunday stitching, 
I spent most of my free time this week reading, writing letters and doing the household chores.

Currently I am shopping around for a new bike, before I moved to Florida I had a racing bike for events, I had purchased two other bikes when I lived in apartments, and both were stolen right out of my screened porch area. After the second theft I didn't bother buying a new bike and just used the upright cycle at the gym, but recently I've been wanting to bicycle again and I have a garage I can store the bike in so I'm looking for something basic. 
We have a wonderful park nearby with a wide paved trail that is ideal for riding a bike it would be a great place to get my stamina up and get in a better workout.For me when I don't move I can't drop pounds. I was feeling so sluggish when I was off my daily walk, I figure a bike would not only help drop off some pounds and build muscle, it can help me with the vitamin D deficiency too since I will be riding outside. It can't hurt right.

One of the items I picked up this morning is a few Jamba fruit & veggie mixes, this morning I made the Red Fusion, I like these as a meal which I usually added a 1/2 serving of cream of rice cereal, oatmeal or an egg.
I want to by a juicing machine or a magic bullet machine because my blender doesn't really blend the fruits and veggies well; yet it works fine with just liquids, so for now I use my hand immersion blender with works just fine,  August is going to be all about me getting healthy and resuming my fitness routine and losing the pounds I gained while I was sick. I see my doctor early in August and I have a few questions and concerns to address to keep me on the stay healthy and fit path.


  1. Every little stitch moves that cute project forward.

  2. So glad you're feeling better... some sun, some stitching... what could be better!?!?!