Monday, August 1, 2016

More stitching done on block 8

I love the start of a new month with all those fresh new days ahead, some well planned and others hopefully with a few good surprises tucked in, often thought of as the last month of summer with everyone rushing to fill these days with fun and adventure.

Yesterday after my initial work printing shipping labels and packing items for today's shipment I spent the last evening of July relaxing with some slow stitching and made a bit more progress on block 8 of the Hocuspocusville Quilt.
My photo is a bit fuzzy but that little rocking chair is so cute but the letters in those signs really give me finger fatigue.
There is another sign hanging from the tree I am not looking forward to doing, for some reason I grip the needle so tight my fingers can't feel the needle. You can't tell by these photos but  I'm more than half done with the hand embroidery on this block.  I will be linking up at Super Mom No Cape here

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  1. Hocuspocusville is looking great. I do like that rocking chair.